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Is it okay to pluck your pubic hair?

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Question - (12 August 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 12 August 2008)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Is it okay to pluck your pubic hair??

I shave down there, but it grows back quick so i pluck. I have a few cuts on my skin from doing this as they grow underneath the skin, and i have to pick them out. Every so often, there is little lumps. what is this?? Should i stop?

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A female reader, PsyCookie United States +, writes (12 August 2008):

PsyCookie agony auntOh no! Don't try plucking! It's painful already when I do it on my eyebrows, so imagine on the pubic area, which is even MORE sensitive!

Why don't you try waxing instead? Much cleaner and less painful than plucking and would last you longer than shaving.

Now, I can give you an advise for that you don't get bumps after you shave nor you get any itchiness. Put lots of shaving cream in the pubic area. Then, shave where the hair flows, that means shave downward or towards the legs. Before you shave, put water on the blade to make it sharper and wash it often. To have more guidance, type "how to shave vagina" on to have a better illustration of what I told you.

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A female reader, Tii3RN3Ybbs. United Kingdom +, writes (12 August 2008):

Tii3RN3Ybbs. agony auntHi There,

All i Can Say is Plucking is Very painful Teehee,

and no need to worry about the lumps, there only shaving rashes, every teenage girl gets them. (:

xx Tiierney xx

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A female reader, Emaz help United Kingdom +, writes (12 August 2008):

Emaz help agony aunti have the same problem

to keep it clean use anti bacterial wipes for skin

plucking? i have thought about that scenario but then gain it would take quite a while to get them all out

maybe try waxing???

The little lumps are just in grown hair follicles so it's nothing to worry about


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