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I need some guy gift ideas

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Question - (31 October 2006) 2 Answers - (Newest, 31 October 2006)
A female , anonymous writes:

help! me and my boyfriend have been going out 3 year in a couple of weeks and i need some ideas on what too get him.. he always buys me realy nice gifts but i just dont have a clue. I cant cook him a nice meal either as i cant cook. lol :(

any suggestions please!

thanks x

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A female reader, Lemonpixie United States +, writes (31 October 2006):

Lemonpixie agony auntWhen i had my one year anniversary I bought my bf 12 little gifts that represented each month... Our first date we saw a movie so i bought that on DVD, in the 3rd month we had sex for the first time and so i bought him a sexy card game we could play and so forth.

My 2 year anniversary money was tight so we went on a picnic and he and I hiked to a really nice camping area and spent the night.

My 3 year anniversary is coming in February and I plan on booking a hotel and the same room where we first were intimate. Maybe this is all cheesy but he seems to like them... and what guy doesnt like sex right? hhehe

You can also look at his hobbies and do so accordingly. For christmas I bought my guy everything poker themed. He loves to play cards so i bought him chips, a really cool looking card set, poker table, and boxers and pajama bottoms with all the card suits on them. It doesnt always have to be romantic just thoughtful.

Also may help

Good luck

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A female reader, Ask Heather +, writes (31 October 2006):

Ask Heather agony auntOooh how exciting! I love Aiversaries & Romantic occasions! The Biggest and Best Present you can give him is Your Love. No amount of money spent can compare with this! But, you obviously would like to get him a special present to show him how much you care. This depends on your budget, but even if money is tight, there are still lots of nice things guarenteed to put a smile on his face. How about, if you live together, decorating the house with Number threes? You could have great fun making up Banners and Number threes out of pretty coloured card, dotting candles around in groups of 3, buy a lovely cake iced with "3" on it, the possabilities are Endless, and he will be thrilled at the time and effort you`ve put in for him. Or how about treating him to a "Pampering Night", Soft Music, A Take Away to share, He can lie back in the bath while you soap him, and follow with a Relaxing Massage. Spoil him Rotton! Or Why not look on the Computer for Gift Ideas? Just type in a Keyword, a Hobby or Interest that he has, theres sure to be lots of Fab Ideas! Or How about treating him to a wonderful day out, keeping the destination a Suprise? You could even Book a Limo to take him out for a Wonderful Romantic Meal in a Classy Resturant. He might even Propose! I do hope you`ll let us all know how it went. Kind Regards and Love, Heather.

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