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I have a crush on my physical therapist.

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Question - (13 July 2008) 1 Answers - (Newest, 13 July 2008)
A male age 30-35, anonymous writes:

I have a crush on my physical therapist....I am certainly not going to act on it, i.e. ask her out or anything like that but I now feel very uncomfortable around her. She is so nice to me...and she is a great therapist but I dont k now what to do.

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A female reader, PsyCookie United States +, writes (13 July 2008):

PsyCookie agony auntSo if you're question is how to act around her, then what you could do is think on how you used to act with her before you got a crush on her. Write this down in paper and memorize the list. Then when you're with her try to remember how you used to act and try to re-create it.

Also a good way to not feel uncomfortable around her is to think of her as someone else. Think of her as just a random jane doe and treat her. The only trick here is to have a good imagination! :P.

Another way is to re-direct your crush on her to a form of friendship. Try to think of her more in a friendship way than on a romantic way and I'm pretty sure the feelings and uncomfortableness will fade away.

Anyways, good luck!

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