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He asked me...then told me he asked someone else to the prom...

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Question - (31 January 2006) 1 Answers - (Newest, 1 February 2006)
A female , *ordan writes:

Hey well this guy that i really like asked me to the prom and of course i said yes but then yesterday he comes to school happy as anyhting and i saif wow your pretty happy and he said no not really n asked wats wrong and he said his dad's an a hole and then im like y u so happy then he said i finally found a date to the prom and im like yeah me and he's lyke no this girl named laurenand he's dead serious..... wat should i do , should i stop talkin 2 him or jus brush it off idk how to react...

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A female reader, PornStarKitty +, writes (1 February 2006):

PornStarKitty agony auntHiya, well lovely just think its his loss! now you can go and have your pick of any boy there!! if it was me i would just ask him why he did it!! and if he just did it to tease you or asked you incase this other girl said no! then i wouldn't talk to him! but its up to you!

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