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Any ideas for my friend's birthday?

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Question - (31 October 2009) 1 Answers - (Newest, 5 November 2009)
A male United States age 30-35, anonymous writes:

Hi everyone. I need some good ideas. Especially from the ladies, but you guys are also welcome to throw some in there. My fiancé's birthday is coming up. And I want to make it really special. It's her first B-day since we have been together. She did awesome on my birthday. Had a surprise birthday party and bought me tickets to my favorite teams basketball game. Also bought me my teams shirt with my name on it and a matching one for hers. I want to make it just as special.

She told me she really wanted this purse. Coach or something like that,and I made her believe it was way too expensive. $400 usd but I got it for her anyway, but I'm playing it like I didn't. I realize that should be enough, but it's more than just buying her something expensive. I want my gift to really mean something to her. I need some fresh ideas. She's turning 26. I already got her a digital camera for graduation, a necklace for christmas, and a nice watch for valentines along with earrings. So I want to stay clear of jewlery.

She likes reading and the movie that's coming out called, "New Moon." so I'm thinking of taking her there in the evening. She also loves the popcorn at the movies. She likes reading, and her favorite restaurant is Chili's. (we live in a small town.) she also likes to go on walks, and likes to country dance. (I'm not so good at that.)

the problem is I might have to work on her B-day and the earliest i could get out is 8pm. So any ideas would be great. Thank you all so much!

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A female reader, Emmerz United Kingdom +, writes (5 November 2009):

Take her for a hot air balloon trip with a picnic and champayne! What more could a girl want.

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