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Do I contact him over this rude breakup?

Q.   I got in from work to find a email off my boyfriend saying because I'm not an animal person (he has a cat) it won't work out. I have a cat myself. He has blocked me off everything and I don’t know why so I can’t ask him. I knew he was having a few ...

A.   10 January 2018: Seems like he was trying to hurt you with any excuse to run away without doing it respectfully. I wouldn’t bother with the letter Hun. He’s not worth your words just like his excuses. ... (read in full...)

I feel like the third wheel around my boyfriend and my friend.

Q.   Hey all, I'm just looking for some advice on how to get a grip of my jealously and paranoia. My boyfriend and I have been official for two months now, when we started to date each other over the summer and at the beginning of our relationship we ...

A.   10 January 2018: Your not being paranoid. You should explain to him that he’s pushing you out and your feeling excluded. Etc if he tells u oh shut up or starts getting angry then he’s hiding something. But if he understands your feelings and backs off from your ... (read in full...)

Annual holiday without your partner? What are your opinions?

Q.   So I have been with my girlfriend for 16 months now and I love her loads, though the past few months have been tough. On our first date she mentioned that she would like to travel around Thailand, which is something I have always wanted to do and...

A.   9 July 2014: I think you may have trust issue's . When she's going on holiday with the girls it dosnt mean she's going to get with a guy. You need to let her go with the girls for her to relax and have 'me time ' if you stop her from doing so it being an annul ... (read in full...)

Is she being completely honest with me or lying about something?

Q.   My girlfriend and I recently got back together after being broken up for about a year. We've been back together since September of this year. Everything was great, emotionally and physically, for the first month. Then, all of a sudden, she's not ...

A.   21 December 2011: hmmmm ... could you could be pushing her to much ?! ( bearing in mind you did just get back together) do a little 4play, get her in the mood rather than just sex make her feel wanted rather suiting you all the time..etc when you feel like having sex ... (read in full...)

Can a store refuse to sell condoms to minors?

Q.   can a store refuse to sell condoms to minors, just curious, me and my friends were just wondering. is it against the law??...

A.   25 February 2010: awwww lol its not against the law but you will be refused under the age of 16 ... its good that your using them and if you really want them and dont want your parents to buy them for you there are clinics that you can go to (confidently) to get ... (read in full...)

Wanting her to desire me more.

Q.   pls how can i make my girlfriend want me more in bed?...

A.   25 February 2010: you cant make anyone do anything, first of. But girls have diffrent sex drives to other women and maybe its just that simple.. maybe she just dosnt have a bigger sex drive than you do. there are a number of things that you can do though to help ... (read in full...)

Got contact but what should I do next?

Q.   I used to know this girl, but havent talked to her in months, and we just started talking again on facebook. She said we should chill sometime and catch up, so i asked her for her number and i got it... now what?...

A.   25 February 2010: yep completly agree caring guy .... obviously this girl likes you so just sugest that you should go for a few drinks to catch up rather than talking on facebook and see how it goes ... good luck :D ... (read in full...)

My low confidence convinces me I can't be liked.. so should I just not bother with this guy?

Q.   I reallly like this boy i met out a few nights ago. I gave him a lift home and he kissed me in the car before getting out and We swapped numbers. The problem is, he is way out of my league. There is a slim chance he may really like me, but pro...

A.   1 August 2009: youll never meet anyone this way if you keep putting yourself down like this.. meet up with him be yourself and if he likes you for who your are then GREAT . you shouldnt have to change for anyone if they ask you to, then, there not worht it. the ... (read in full...)

It's both a turn on to me and sickening that my wife cheated on me.. what'd you think?

Q.   I found out about my wife cheating on me last week. The cheating happened 4 years ago November 2005... I am not sure what and how I should feel. It happened while we lived together, but before we got married. We lived together for about 7 years be...

A.   1 August 2009: im sure your wife feels very shamefuly about doing this anyone would .... thats probally why she didnt tell you, and she obviously knew that she was in the wrong because she didnt have sex with the other guy. its natrual to feel used, angry,hurt etc ... (read in full...)

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