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My name is Itzel. I am single and even tho I don't like it, I am through with dating at least for a little while.

Life scars, life experiences... I've got plenty, specially when it comes down to men and relationships.

I love listening to music, singing, acting, directing plays and writing songs. I am currently *trying* to learn to play the guitar.

I hate going to catholic school and I am looking forward to my graduation in two months. I also hate backstabbing lying bitches who call themselves your friends and then theyre just jerks.

I have a thing for bad boys, douchebags, jocks, jerks and self centered guys. I can't help it. Or I like really good boys and later I corrupt them. I'm just weird like that.

I love helping whoever I can because it just feels good to know you can do something for others... you don't feel useless. Anyone who needs anything, just ask.

xo Silvia xo

Proof of looks...

Q.   I have met a guy online and have been talking to him for two months. He lives 500 miles away. He said he is interested in me, but doesn't ask anything about me. He keeps asking for nude pics and I always say no. Once I asked him if seeing me nude ...

A.   7 May 2009: Dont do it! Do you want nude pictures of you floating around the Internet, where anyone could see them? He's just a jerk and he is not interested in something real or serious. If anything, he just wants casual sex... that is not good for you swee... (read in full...)

I can't get over this guy

Q.   Hey, i really dont know what to do, so here it goes. my best friend got with the guy she knew i liked, and broke up with him a week later, but thats not the problem, my problem is that i couldn't and cant get over this guy, its driving me nuts. ...

A.   7 May 2009: Just ask him. Seriously, it's killing you! Just go talk to him. Your best friend didn't stop to think what you would think or feel if she went out with him, why should you? Youre not doing anything bad.... (read in full...)

I just want to know how to move on...

Q.   I was best friends with this guy for eighteen years. We knew each other before we were even born; our moms were best friends! The last four weeks, however, he was in the hospital due to a Pilocytic Astrocytoma brain tumor. Apparently, it was growing ...

A.   6 May 2009: There is no easy way. I lost my best friend for 14 years and boyfriend for one year. I had practically shared my life with him. After he died my life felt so empty, until One day I found a letter he once gave me and it said something like "I dont ... (read in full...)

I fell in love with a goddess, but I don't know what to do?

Q.   Hi, I'm fifteen years olds. I really like a girl who is about two or three years older than me, and she seems like such a bright, nice, person and I really want to befriend her. The thing is, she's some sort of church girl and it's really hard to ...

A.   6 May 2009: Church girl? Like the movie "A Walk To Remember"? Do you have an older friend, cousin, uncle or whatever? Around her age so they can join an activity she does and then they can become friends and then they introduce you. Or are you friends ... (read in full...)

He is so sleazy so why am I still attracted to him?

Q.   I have known this guy for about a year now and we ended up kissing one night when we first me. He wanted to have sex but I said no and left. I stayed friends with him because we have mutual friends and found out that he sleeps around a lot. At 23, ...

A.   6 May 2009: Maybe because he kinda seems like a bad boy? I think every single girl has liked a bad boy at least once. Like when there's this cute guy in a TV show and he's all shy and you go "Aww how sweet!" but then comes this guy who's just like "Hi" an... (read in full...)

I'm not pretty, will anyone ever love me?

Q.   ok i am going to be 100% honest and realistic about my situation however sad it sounds! Recently i fell in love with a guy. The first time i have ever fell in love. I don't think he felt the same way but he gave me a taste of how amazing it is to...

A.   1 May 2009: It's just a matter of taste! For example, some guys tell me that I'm very pretty/hot but they just won't date me. Or they just want something sexual. Other guys will just say that I am ugly. I feel like I have so much to give, but that no one... (read in full...)

What am I doing??

Q.   Okay so long story short i cheated on my Boyfriend of 6 years for a year and a half with the same person no he was not the other guy just a "buddy" if you get me ... the truth about me and him only came out because i got pregnant with his baby now ...

A.   30 April 2009: If you're not happy with him anymore, maybe you should let it go... but try giving it another chance before you blow it up, if he forgives you, he thinks you're worth giving it a try...... (read in full...)

Do guys just want us girls for sex?

Q.   is it true that when a guy is with a girl it is mostly for sex? most of my guy friends say they love a girl but then say i wanna do her tonight....

A.   29 April 2009: Most guys do. Personally, I've never had the luck to meet a guy who actually wants more. Some of them will just go simple and ask for sex (if your will is strong, you'll say no) but other are just full of it and you believe everything they say... (read in full...)

What does "Friends with Benefits" mean?

Q.   Hello, i was talking to my ex-boyfriend, and he said we can be friends. im fine with that.He also said we could be friends with benifits. What did he mean? thank you....

A.   28 April 2009: It doesnt necesarilly mean sex, but stuff like, kissing, touching, making out; but with no strings attached. no feelings or anything like that, it's not a relationship.... (read in full...)

I want to feel my girlfriend's boobs!

Q.   Hey I was just wandering I'm still a virgin and I've never felt boobs. What do they feel like and what would be the best way to feel my girlfriend's tits that would make her happy?...

A.   27 April 2009: Do it while kissing her...Put your hand on your waist and slowly move it to her boobs. Don't squeeze, just sort of feel them as if you were massaging her. Maybe the next time she'll let you feel from under the clothes or something like that; it's ... (read in full...)

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