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I found my boyfriend's logged in on multiple sex sites but he swears it wasnt him, just a hacker using his details. Is that even possible?

Q.   ok so here it goes, last year i found something on my bf laptop by accident he was sitting next to me and i asked wat it was,i logged into it coz his face was strange and it brought me to a profile with all his details on a fuck buddie site, logged ...

A.   4 February 2012: First, if you want to have any type of meaningful relief to with your boyfriend, you're going to have to confront him about his "potential infidelity" activity (I'm trying to put it nicely) because this sort of behavior is not going to go away ... (read in full...)

My body isn't the same after having a my bf's porn watching bothers me... a lot! What can I do?

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years we have a two year old daughter and we live together. I caught him watching porn the other night while i was supposed to be napping. I approached him and he lied to my face when i could see it on ...

A.   2 February 2012: First, stop blaming yourself for your boyfriend's watching porn. It's not your fault. The Internet makes it so easily to get addicted to porn because it's both easily accessible an anonymous that many men don't realize they're addicted. Perhaps ... (read in full...)

Great love life but sneaky boyfriend. What do you think?

Q.   My bf and I have been together for 9 yrs. We are both late 20's and he is good to me and loves me. However I say he is "sneaky" because pretty much every 3-4 months like clockwork I will discover something that makes me really question my ...

A.   2 February 2012: Dear LoloLove, It sounds to me like your long-term boyfriend may be addicted to sex/porn. Because of the Internet, it is very easily for men to turn to porn as a way of relaxing or to let off steam. The problem is that porn is highly addicting... (read in full...)

People think he's perfect. Yet how do I cope with his secretiveness and fact he may be seeing escourts? He has excuses for everything.

Q.   Hi, I'm married with two kids and have serious trust issues with my husband. We've been together for 12yrs and everyone who knows us thinks he's the perfect guy as he is a great father, helps around the house and is easy going. About 2 yrs ago I ...

A.   1 February 2012: It sounds like your husband has a problem with wanting to "have his cake and eat it too". I think you need to confront him about his possible infidelity and see what he says. I don't mean to sound flippant here but you shouldn't accuse him of ... (read in full...)

Am I Bi or a Sicko? :(

Q.   Hello guy's my name is Dan and i am 20 years old please don't judge. I have been very worried recently over the type of porn i used to watch as a teen 13 - 19(not sure when i actually started) I used to watch normal hetrosexual porn (not for lo...

A.   31 January 2012: Whether or not you're bi is not clear (even if you are, so what?), but what is clear is that you're not a sicko but it does sound like you are suffering the ill effects of watching a lot of porn. You see, despite what many men feel, pornography is ... (read in full...)

More porn = less sex. What's not to get?

Q.   Just wanted to put an opinion out there... I have posted questions and answers about porn, spoken to girlfriends and read endless articles about men and womens views on porn. One thing seems glaringly obvious yet so often overlooked by me...

A.   31 January 2012: I was married for 12 years to a man addicted to porn, but they only knew about it for the last two years. During that time I saw him turn from a kind, considerate man into a self-loathing degenerate who loved porn more than he loved me. If yo... (read in full...)

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