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We're going to have to break up because her parents don't approve of interracial relationships

Q.   Hey guys im in a interracial realtionship and ive been going with my girlfriend for happily 2 1/2 years. only thing is that her parents dont approve because im black and she is white. she said that she have to break up with me because of her parents ...

A.   11 October 2010: This is a tough one - but really, I'm sorry to hear there are still such small minded people out there. Love is a wonderful thing, it shouldn't matter what race, creed or even gender you are. Love shows us that there is only one race - human. I thin... (read in full...)

He says he's loves me a lot..but he flirts with other girls! How can I trust him more?

Q.   Help me! My bf is in love with me. My friends said they can just tell by the way he is with me, that he does love me so much. And sometimes he sits and stares at me etc and when I ask what he says "I you". Seems all very perfect. BU...

A.   11 October 2010: Ok, been through this myself too - firstly, although it takes a bit of work, if you can change your perspective on what seems like his flirting, and being popular with other girls to one of - well let them see what I have in him, and what they can ... (read in full...)

My life is a mess and I feel trapped! HELP!

Q.   I'm 17, and I just can't DO this anymore. I don't know. I'm so bored, alone. Trapped in my city and I hate it so much. The only thing keeping me going is the promise of going to Univerisy next year, but that's stressing me out and I don't know. I'm ...

A.   9 October 2010: I have to tell you friend, you are showing all the signs of clinical depression - I have it and have for all of my 39 years. I go the opposite way and hide the fact that I stop eating entirely when I am down. I can drop kilograms in a week. It may ... (read in full...)

Autism is preventing me from having relationships. Help?

Q.   I was diagnosed with Aperger's syndrome when I was a young child. The basic description of that is that you are exceptional at some things and lacking at others. I, for one, have photographic memory. Many people say that they have it, but the...

A.   9 October 2010: You are still really young and in that horrible phase of feeling like you won't be loved for who you are. You will! To settle for anything else would be a big mistake. You are so special in so many ways but it may take you some time to work it out ... (read in full...)

She say's she wants me to grow in my walk with God before we can have a relationship???

Q.   I met a great, pretty girl at my college late this past summer. It felt like there was chemistry from the start, we were talking every day, hanging out a few times a week, texting alot, talking about fun things we could do in the future. It seemed ...

A.   9 October 2010: This is a really tricky one - but the answer is simple. If someone tells you that you have to change in some way, or in any way for there to be a progression in the relationship, it is only setting a precedent for you to be 'changed' on a regular ... (read in full...)

Did I do something to turn him off?

Q.   I'm in Boston right now, met a cool guy. We hung out for a month, then he made a move on me and we've been close since then. I'm leaving Sunday to go back to the UK, we've hung out but he's different. Not as close, he's tired from class which I ...

A.   9 October 2010: No sweet heart you didn't do anything wrong. As a guy (gay one at that so I get both sides of the problem) I can tell you - he is backing off because he doesn't want to go through the hurt of having to say good bye. I went through this sort of ... (read in full...)

A snapshot of my lonesomeness

Q.   Not a relationship question but i wrote this recently, after getting out of a long relationship...Its kind of a snapshot of my lonesomeness, wondering what the next chapter in my life will be(even though i am more than happy its over i still felt ...

A.   9 October 2010: Thank you so much! Yes, I feel much the same. Really well written, and I am a professional writer - so there's a true compliment for you. I, now at age 39, think I may just stay single for the rest of my life. I actually like not having to think ... (read in full...)

Why are all men selfish, disrespectful, ignorant bastards??!

Q.   Why are all men selfish, disrespectful, ignorant bastards??! Theyre so nice when they want sumthing then they discard you like a piece of rubbish. They can be the best boyfriend ever but wont think twice about dumping you for another woman and ...

A.   9 October 2010: You know it's exactly the same in the gay world. The mind games, the chase and the vanishing after they've caught you, the lies. God I wish I had the choice to turn straight. Recently went through much the same sort of experience. When I was inte... (read in full...)

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