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Am I mean? Should I share more of my money with my girlfriend?

Q.   I am 32, my girlfriend of four years is 27. I have a degree and believe in hard work and applying myself to achieve my goals and live well. My gf is not financially motivated and does not want to progress at work, she just wants to get by which is ...

A.   20 August 2012: It sounds like an even relationship in terms of contribution. You have a house that you're paying off - you could live in it alone or with her. The bills come with the house. Holidays are a pleasure, take them together. So long as your tastes don't ... (read in full...)

My girlfriend doesn't want to have sex anymore and she doesn't want to talk about it, how do I solve this issue with her?

Q.   I am a 28 year old man who has been in a relationship with another 28 year old woman for 18 months living together for 1 year. Our relationship is pretty good except for the lack of sex. We both love each other very much. At first she wanted it al...

A.   17 August 2012: I am a female and I came upon this forum because I am the very same problem that the men here are experiencing (and some women). A few thoughts. It's hilarious what many of the women below write - that you're doing these little things that dama... (read in full...)

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