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1. what qualifies you to help people? well nothing qualifies me its just if people help me i wanna atleast try and help them

2. whats your relationship status? well ive got a boyfrind and i love him to peices

3.are you eva depressed? i wudnt say depressed but i get very emotional at times every second i spend upset is a second ill neva get bak so y waste tym u onli live once enjoy it dats wat i say

I dont want anyone to know that I fancy a geek!

Q.   hi i have a friend thats a boy and i am starting to like him as more than a friend. the thing is he doesnt hang around with me and my friends cos he's kind of a geek :( he hangs around with the geeks. so none of my mates are friends with him. ...

A.   9 December 2006: u shud do wat ur heart says not was ya friends say. u cant choose who u lyk but but u can choose ur friends u shud tell ur friends u lyk him and if they dnt lyk it they arent ur real friends... (read in full...)

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