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He gives me a guilt trip every time I go out with friends...

Q.   Does anyones husband make you feel guilty for spending time away from the kids and him? I have other married friends and their husbands really dont care what they do and they go out with friends and shopping etc.. Really If i go out i get the guilt ...

A.   21 November 2009: I have been in an engagement such as this. He is either two things... 1st- Very insecure. Either from past relationship or just by nature. This is not your fault. Communicate with him, and see a marriage counselor, I know many marriages that had ... (read in full...)

Do other christian girls masturbate?

Q.   Do other christian girls masturbate? i feel like im doing something horrible. I dont have a boyfriend and never even had one. Lately ive been so horny so i wanted to hear more stories about girls my age who do and are strong believers too. I know ...

A.   21 November 2009: First let me tell you that masturbating is one of the most natural human things to do. Do not feel bad for your body needing the sexual relief. Its completely ok. What you also are doing is by letting all the sexual tension out, your stopping ... (read in full...)

I'm 14 and just into boys... how do I flirt???

Q.   Guys, I've never really had a boyfriend before but I really like this guy and everyone is telling me to just flirt with him but how do you flirt? Could you give me tips on stuff I could use because honestly I haven't got anything....

A.   21 November 2009: Being 14, you have a lot of high school time ahead of you to understand boys. Let me say one thing, boys usually wont even get it if your sending signals that you like them. So a lot of girls end up trying to hard and fail. Number one rule in ... (read in full...)

What can I do to make my guy go crazy over sex?

Q.   What can I do to make my guy go crazy over sex ? Is there certain spots that will drive him nuts ???...

A.   21 November 2009:  First be enthusiastic!! Make it look like you'd want nothing more then to rip his clothes off. Sometimes talking dirty will add to the fire. Guys love a girl that knows what shes doing in bed. Foreplay too, dont just go straight to sex, make him ... (read in full...)

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