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I've messed up my relationship due to my mood swings and now I have lost the best thing that ever happened to me!

Q.   Hey guys, I have messed up a relationship due to my moods and strops i have now lost the best thing to happen to me and i dont know what to do. These are texts that my ex has sent to me today its the first time we have spoke in over a week sinc...

A.   29 September 2009: Thankyou celic tiger, i know its over i just cant seem to accept it or dont know how. As for my moods im afraid to say ive always been like it and have lost a few relationships due to it, i know that when i go off on one i shouldnt but i dont know... (read in full...)

I had an abortion because I thought we'd get back together but I haven't heard from him since then!

Q.   hey pls pls help i had an abortion 4weeks ago and im starting to reget it so much, i had just split up from my ex when i found out and didnt know what to do. part of me wanted the baby but then part of me didnt when i told my ex he said he didnt ...

A.   17 March 2008: thanks for the replies... hes not a bad person though thats the thing...when we were together everything was amazing there is nothing bad to say about the relationship...we split up because towards the end we started arguing and looking back it was ... (read in full...)

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