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I have been married 4 times, have 4 kids ,seen it all ,done it all, have never abused my ex partners, am a doting dad to my youngest daughter and would do anything for her. have waited 10 years untill her mother finally agreed that i could pick her up from school which was the 5th best day of my life, all myex have all the money i ever hadbut me and my big girl arethe best

I was mortified by his comment! What did he mean?

Q.   ive known this guy for 7 months and weve become close friends in that time. i really like him but notice sometimes he says things which dont add up for example he owns 3 houses, has 60 k in savings and want to buy a 350 k house in london. hes ha...

A.   31 March 2010: hi sounds like he is just using you, has he got where he is today by being tight with cash. i got no money at the moment(currently being robbed by ex) but its no excuse not to buy your gir a coffee and flow... (read in full...)

Is it ok to cheat?

Q.   I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but nowadays it seems like it has become completely acceptable (and inevitable) that if you are in a relationship your partner is deffinately going to cheat. You see all these poor humilliated women in the m...

A.   31 March 2010: hi my dad used to have a mate, they went out on friday night's together. before his mate was allowed out his wife had sex with him without fail every friday and lots of times during the week, this kept him from... (read in full...)

How can I convince him to take the next step?

Q.   i in iove with a married man and he feels the same but he is afraid to leave his wife. we get on together and share a lot. how can i convince him to take the next step? We are same age, we trust each other too....

A.   31 March 2010: i can advise you notwhat to do. Don't threaten him into leaving her or give him ultimatums, doing that does not ever work. make him realise what he would be missing if he stayed with his wife, maybe ande it's only a ... (read in full...)

Is he just using me?

Q.   Hi i have been going out with this guy for around six months. i really like him. we got on really well and never did a day do by without him texting me or us chatting. He had been away for six seven week visiting his family he came back last w...

A.   31 March 2010: hi there not jumping to any conclusions but sounds like he is trying to let you down gently but still wants sex. actions speak louder. he will not tell you the truth. cut the sex and see what happ... (read in full...)

The marriage is over, but my husband won't leave!

Q.   My husband won't leave. We have been together for ten years, only married for one. But since the wedding we have both changed. I want out of the marriage but he won't leave! We have two children: one is his and I have one from a previous relation...

A.   31 March 2010: Hi Call me what you like but you both have the right a home. and the kids have a right to a mam and a dad. why dont you sell the house and slit it 50/50 then you have the kids half the week and dad ... (read in full...)

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