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Should I text him again or do you think he decided not to meet up with me?

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Question - (6 June 2018) 3 Answers - (Newest, 7 June 2018)
A male United States age 51-59, anonymous writes:

I have a friend who has a gay friend I've met him several times, she ask him if I could tex him, he said sure, we did ,about a month ago, I sent him three tex,s , then I didn't, here back from him, he said we could meet for coffee, I said that would be fine, but then nothing, am a virgin when it comes to having sex with a man, should I text him again, or do you think, he decided not to meet me, he stoped drinking a couple months ago, my friend ask him, if he be interested in having sex with a virgin, he said he would, but now, he is not drinking

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A male reader, TylerSage United States +, writes (7 June 2018):

TylerSage agony auntSeeing that he hasn't responded to any of the texts that you sent to him and you can confirm that he got them, it seems that he isn't interested. Since that approach didn't work maybe you could just ask your friend to find out if he would be interested in going on a date with you. Clear the air. If he says "no" then you know that you can now move on with your life.

All the best.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (7 June 2018):

Do you only want to see him for sex? Maybe she told him you're a virgin to gay-sex/in the closet; and he feels a little weird about what your plans might be. Odd he suddenly claimed to have stopped drinking?

He was caught on the spot and being polite. He's not interested in you, and couldn't turn you down to your face.

He doesn't want to meet you for coffee.

Don't contact him anymore. I don't think he's attracted to you; and might have hoped you only wanted to be friends. He might not be interested in you in any other way. Save yourself the embarrassment, and avoid the awkwardness.

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (7 June 2018):

Honeypie agony auntNo I don't think you should text him again.

I get that you are hoping or looking to get a sexual experience out of this - but just because the other guy is a gay man doesn't mean he is interested in you or your "cherry".

It's like ASSuming that all other straight men might want to have sex with any woman.

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