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Hey i'm Olivia :)

I'm from england!

Always happy to help with any problem or just be someone to talk to :)

Private message me!



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Girls, how would you react if your partner had a 3 inch penis?

Q.   I'm wondering for myself since mine is about 3.5 inches in length and 4 inches around - when it's erect. Both sizes of which are well under average. I'm not sexually active but I'm worried that when I get to that point, I won't be able to satisfy ...

A.   25 October 2009: Why would girls find it a turn off? Think of it another way.. Would you be turned off by a girl because of them having small brests? its the same thing. It doesn't matter how big your penis is, it still feels the same to a girl. Its not ab... (read in full...)

If I have my girlfriend finger me am I still a virgin?

Q.   If I have my girlfriend finger me am I still a virgin?...

A.   24 October 2009: Yes you are. You only loose your virginity when a mans penis enters your vagina.... (read in full...)

Women only: Oral sex or intercourse?

Q.   This questions is for women only: This might sound like a weird question but just think about it for a minute. If you had to choose between really good oral sex or actual intercourse - Which would you prefer, a really good tongue licking you dry all ...

A.   29 July 2009: I would say oral :)... (read in full...)

Should I have anal with my boyfriend?

Q.   ok i need help cuz my boyfriend wants to have anal but i dont know if i should. i want to know more stuff about anal before i do it. ive heard that it hurts alot and that their might be remains of poo on the condom when your done. then i also heard ...

A.   28 July 2009: Anal only hurts the first couple of times or if you are doing it wrong. First off you need lots of lube which should help slide in easy. You might get Remains of your dinner on the condom but surely if you two are mature enough to have sex you ... (read in full...)

What would you do if you found your 40 husband in bed with a girl age 18-21? Help me

Q.   What would you do if you found your husband who's 40 in bed with a girl between the ages of 18-21? The girls blonde, young everything he would like and i even found texts on his phone where he told her she was hotter than me, and would prefer h...

A.   28 July 2009: I agree with Sincerely Yours. I think the idea is amazing. Yes i would confont him, Dump him because you can do and deserve much better than him, then feed him to the pet :) Livia xoxox... (read in full...)

What will happen to my boyfriend if I get pregnant?

Q.   Ok..I am 14 and I have a 17 year old boyfriend..and all last week I was over his house and half of the time while I was there we had unprotected sex but everytime he is about to "bust" he take it out for awhile and we start again, while we were ...

A.   27 July 2009: Babe i have made your mistake. When i ws 14 my boyfriend was 17 and we had unprotected sex and i missed 3 periods, thinking i was pregnant i went to him and we told his mother who gave me a test and it came back negitive. She is a doctor and s... (read in full...)

Boyfriend's blue balls.....he says if I don't give him head he will leave me!

Q.   My boyfriend says every time we hang out he gets blue balls and is in pain for hours, even days. It causes him headaches and muscle cramps too. I do plenty of sexual things for him almost every time we hang out. He's tried masturbating beforehand, ...

A.   22 July 2009: Dumb your boyfriend, i know you love him but he doesn't feel the same and is using you for sexual activity. I know i sound harsh but if he did love you then he wouldn't threaten to end the relationship if you don't suck him off! That is not love... (read in full...)

What is the best position when you have sex for the first time?

Q.   I am 13 and im having sex for my first time in a couple of weeks because my boyfriends parents are on holiday and he said i could come round for a couple of nights if i wanted to ... i said yes ... he later asked me if i was ready for sex and i knew ...

A.   22 July 2009: Your 13 you should not have sex. You should only have sex with someone if you are in a committed and loving relationship. At 13 you may think you are in love but you will grow up and regret it. If your boyfriend is older than you then he could ... (read in full...)

Is it possible that I'm pregnant from this?

Q.   Okay so my boyfriend and I did oral sex yesterday. We didn't *** or orgasm at all but before he fingered me He rubbed his penis (I doubt he had pre-*** because before that gave a hand job and it wasn't wet or anything) then I gave him a ******** but ...

A.   18 July 2009: Nope you can't get pregnant from that.. And you can say the words without using ***** this is a relationship advice website and in relationship comes sex! Just be carefull when your next playing around and wherever tomosjames got the idea tha... (read in full...)

Ideas for bedroom fun that doesn't involve intercourse?

Q.   Recently when my man and I are messing around, he asks "what do you want me to do to you?"... I've come up with a couple replies but I need more!!! * Sidenote were trying to postpone intercourse until later on in the relationship so thats kinda o...

A.   18 July 2009: Ooo i love these questions. You can light some candles and put on some soft music grab some Durex Play massage gel and mess around giving each other massarges. My boyfriend tried this with me and insted of giving me an amazing massage he decided ... (read in full...)

Can you get pregnant during your period?

Q.   my boyfriend and i had sex while i was on my period, i was under the understanding that you couldn't get pregnant while on your period. i'm also on birth controll but the pills you take while on your period are just reminder pills not actually birth ...

A.   18 July 2009: Yes you can get pregnant. But because you were on birth control your body wouldn't of had an egg in the uterus because the the pill is a hormone which tricks the body into thinking its pregnant so it doesn't produce an egg. Too be on the safe s... (read in full...)

Are there any medications to improve our sex life?

Q.   hi, i got married 2 years before.After my marraige my sexual relationship with my husband is good.but now-a-days, we are not involving in any sex relationship.we both are sleeping separately since from 6 months.if he has that sex feeling also he is ...

A.   18 July 2009: There are some things which you can find in shops but they are not tested and are very dangerous and do more halm than anything else. There are such things as "Sex Food" which are ment to improve se life and they are basically food that is high ... (read in full...)

I'm hot, so why doesn't anyone like me?

Q.   hey ! right well i just dont get it i mean i havent had one boyfrind in my whole life and i am 15! when i tell people that i havent had one boyfreind and i havent even kissed a boy they are realy shocked! becouse they say i am stunning! ...

A.   9 July 2009: Do you show your body off? Wear alot of make up? These are turn off for boys because they will think your cheep and only up for one thing. Also it really doesn't matter about looks.. Personality is the key. If you can't be loving and mature t... (read in full...)

Why do I make this sound during sex?

Q.   My vagina has been making this queefing(fart) sound and im just wondering if this is caused because my vagina is loose? The sound is very embarassing and i hate it. My boyfriend said that my vagina is the tightest vagina that he has ever had and i ...

A.   4 July 2009: Don't be embarased by this its completely natural! Its where trapped air is being relased from your vagina. It happens to lots of girl, just laugh it off! the first time it happened to me i just fell about laughing with my boyfriend, i tho... (read in full...)

How can I make our night alone romantic?

Q.   Me and My boyfriend have the house to ourselves for a night. I want to make to romantic but im not really sure what I could do to 'set the mood'. any ideas? any music suggestions would be great to x...

A.   30 June 2009: Ooo i love these sort of questions :) You can either do something like the normal romantic things like put candles out and have a romantic dinner for two, putting rose petals (can get fake ones) on the bed or in the bath to share. Champane ... (read in full...)

Naked and cuffed to the bed and now wife won't talk to me!

Q.   hello,I just got married few weeks ago we are on our night I decided to be kinky after dinner and decided for bondage,my wife my against being tied;so I handcuffed my self to the hotel bed..she was downstairs for dinner,so I had the ...

A.   30 June 2009: The thing is i don't understand why she would be angry or annoyed with you for this. I had a similar situation, my boyfriend got stuck on my bed with handcuffs and i went to get the tool kit out of the garage and my mum came home and walked in on ... (read in full...)

How do I tell her I think about her when I masterbate?

Q.   ok well i don't know how to say this but my gf just resently asked if i masterbated and i said yes and i have been wanting to tell her that when i masterbat i think of her but idk how to tell her i mean i want to tell her bcuz we tell each other ...

A.   30 June 2009: You don't have to tell her this. Its not the normal thing that comes up in conversation and its something you don't really need to share with her. Only say if she asks otherwise she might think its a weird thing to say no matter how much you lov... (read in full...)

Is G-spot stimulation the only way to get a real orgasm?

Q.   I've always wondered when girls say they've never orgasmed through masturbation or sex. Does it mean they haven't orgasmed through clitoral stimulation? Or G-spot? I'm just confused 'cause I can easily orgasm through clitoral stimulation by m...

A.   30 June 2009: An orgasm comming from clitoral stimulation is a "real orgasm". The g-spot orgasm is a different kind of orgasm comming from the inside of the body which is normally a more powerfull orgasm than a clitioral oragasm. Some woman can't have g-spo... (read in full...)

I'm so scared of giving a blow job!

Q.   I'm 20 and I've NEVER given a blow job! I don'tknow how to, I was always scared of doign it wrong. All my life I've been scared of almost EVERYTHING. I was 17 when I had my FIRST boyfriend after bing scared of relationships. And 19 when I FIRST ha...

A.   30 June 2009: If you really want to then plan what you are going to do in your head before you do it. You could focus on the top of his penis first then slowly work your way down or do something completely different. Men will like anything you do down there ... (read in full...)

He says he's too big

Q.   me and my boyfriend tried having sex for the first time except it didnt work. hes trying to tell me his dick is to big for my hole. i dont believe him. should i? im also afraid after haveing sex for the first time our relationship wil...

A.   28 June 2009: His penis isn't too big for you. Its a boys way of trying to feel good about himself. Your vagina can fit a baby through it so it can fit his penis inside. What is going on is that you are not relaxed enough to have sex and you are tencing u... (read in full...)

DO men like to be woken up to a blow job?

Q.   My friend said she gave her boyfriend a blow job in the morning just as he was about to wake up but she didn't tell me about his reaction and I was too scared to ask because he might think I was being too nosey. Is it annoying to be woken up to a ...

A.   28 June 2009: YESS! I did this to my boyfriend one morning and he completely loved it! Its an amazing way of making him do what you want. I gave him one to wake him up and made him wait until he came home from work for more and it was the best sex ever!... (read in full...)

He doesn't mind pleasuring me on my period!!!

Q.   When I'm on my period, I feel digusting and fat and yucky even if I'm not and some of the time I totally do not feel like having sex. But my boyfriend insists he pleasures me orally and I'm suprised he doesn't find it disgusting that I'm on my ...

A.   28 June 2009: Some boys like giving oral and having sex with a girl on her period. My boyfriend loves it...personaly i have no idea why. He says its the feeling of knowing he shouldn't be doing it and he says it feels amazing :S But thats boys for you.. ... (read in full...)

I told her what she tried on made her look like a fat pig

Q.   My girlfriend dragged me to the mall to go shopping with her (it was really boaring). We were there for probably an hour of her trying stuff on. She tried this dress that made her look fat when she asked me what I thought about it. I said it made ...

A.   28 June 2009: That was really mean of you. You could of put it nicely to her like saying "I liked the other one better" not "You look like a fat pig" Its a bit childish and she had a right to make you sleep in another room and have a go. If you were my boyfrien... (read in full...)

Should I take this pill?

Q.   I'm 15 and about to go on yaz for irregular periods and to get a clearer face because of my breakouts and im still not sure if i should use it i heard that alot of people get mood swings and terrible break out wich i dont need anymore breaking out ...

A.   28 June 2009: The only way to know if you will get the side effects of the pill is to try it. You only get the side effects if the pill isn't the right one for you, if you do get side effects go back to your doctor and they will find a different one to suit you... (read in full...)

He cheated on me so I burned all of his things!

Q.   Lets cut to the chase, shall we? my boyfriend and I were dating for a good year and three months. I am sixteen and he is eighteen. I thought we were in love, he bought me a promise ring for our one year. i honestly thought i would spend th...

A.   18 June 2009: I really don't blame you for burning his things. If i was me i would of set fire to him. In court you can say that in a moment of rage due to being in love with him and finding out he did the most awful thing to you by sleeping with your best fri... (read in full...)

I'm 16, she's the age gap too big?

Q.   I am 16 and there is a girl who is 13 who really, and I mean really! likes me. I know her best friend and she has explained how much this girl likes me. I know she is only 13 but appears very mature for her age. To begin with I liked her just as a ...

A.   18 June 2009: You can date this girl but the law states if you touch her you can have charges pressed against you. Even with consent if you do anything with a person 13 and under it is classed as rape. I know where you are comming from though. I rememb... (read in full...)

My father is the father of my baby... I'm falling into depression... help!

Q.   i dont really know how to put this, most of you will probably be utterly digusted, and wont even be able to find the right words.. but i really need some advice. about a month ago, my mom was out of town for a business trip. i am a only child ...

A.   18 June 2009: Babe i know this is going to be hard for you but you need to tell either a family member, a teacher or your local preist what your father has done to you. What he did was against the law and he shouldn't of done it. You said you didn't really want ... (read in full...)

We've never met..should we meet a theme park?

Q.   Is this a bad idea? Recently I met a girl through a dating website. I think we both have a lot of things in common and our friendship has grown over the past few weeks. We arranged to meet up last week, but a couple of nights before hand she ...

A.   18 June 2009: I think thats a great idea! Its not formal and you can kinda relax when your not on the rides. Its also gives you an excuse to hold her hand if it gets scared. The second time i met my boyfriend we went to Thorpe park and it was one of the b... (read in full...)

On her birthday while having sex I called her by another girls name!

Q.   My girlfriend (of 2 years) and me were making love. I called her by the wrong name by mistake. She really mad at me and than she started crying and storm off. I've been calling her like crazy with no answer and went to her place but her roommate ...

A.   17 June 2009: Ooops! Give her space for a while, if she doesn't want to talk then don't keep pestering her because it will make it worse. Send her a text saying you love her and you are sorry, Leave it for a week then try and drop round her house. Shes go... (read in full...)

Can pre-cum make her pregnant?

Q.   my girlfriend says she thinks she is pregnant and she is have all symtoms in after two days it that possible? i didnt cum in her but precumed in her can someone get preg from that? Moderators note - Have re written the question as the spelling...

A.   17 June 2009: Yes Pre-cum can get you pregnant. You have about 600'000 sperm in pre-cum, it only takes one sperm to create a child. Why weren't you using condoms at such a young age? If you don't want to get her pregnant don't have sex without condoms!... (read in full...)

How many couples have sex when the woman in on her period?

Q.   Hi everybody, I am wondering how many women or couples out there have sex when the woman is on her period? I have to do it with my boyfriend everyday no matter what and I am not about to skip the sex because of my period. I don't see the problem ...

A.   17 June 2009: My boyfriend loves it when we have sex on my period. He says its a big turn on knowing you shouldn't really be doing it and that it feels different but he loves it. I have quite a light flow so its not very messy! If you guys are okay with d... (read in full...)

Problems with orgasms!

Q.   Me and my partner have been together for some time now, and as far as the relationship as a whole goes we are great, he is an amazing man, and after all this time i still stand by that, however, we do have little problems in the bed room..... there ...

A.   17 June 2009: The feeling of peeing is completely normal when you orgasm. The orgasm you had was from where you stimulated something called your g-spot. This is situated about 2 inches inside your vagina and is very hard to stimulate during intercourse. If yo... (read in full...)

I feel like a child compared to my friends because I'm not having sex, drinking and taking drugs!

Q.   Im 14 years old and all my friends are already having sex and giving guys BJs and drinking, drugs ect... i really don't fit in but for some reason im friends with them there nice people but i feel as if im werid cos i dont have a boyfriend and im q...

A.   15 June 2009: People want to experiment different things at different times. Everyone if different. Don't feel like a child because your not having sex, drinking and taking drugs. Believe me at a young age its not a good thing to get into, i found out the hard... (read in full...)

How can I make our sexlife even better?

Q.   Me and my girlfriend love sex we do it all the time...but I want to try anal we tried a few times but didn't can I make it better? And another thing is I want to make her squirt all over me. I'm very kinky and I wanna have a 3sum she's ...

A.   15 June 2009: Talk to her about things you want to do and try to arrange things to happen. With anal sex the key is to go slow but if it hurts her too much don't do it because you don't want your girlfriend in pain. She just won't enjoy it if it hurts. ... (read in full...)

I'm 13, Should I wait to have a child with my 17 year old boyfriend?

Q.   my boyfriend and i want to have a baby. we are both in our teens (im 13 he is 17) and unsure if we should wait??? please help...

A.   15 June 2009: You don't want to be stuck with a child when you are still a child yourself. The chances are that you will split from your boyfriend later in life because people change and only very few relationships last from a young age. If you break up then ... (read in full...)

I'm too paranoid to finish in the condom

Q.   Hi ever since I started having sex with girls, always pull out even I always wear a condom. I don't like finishing inside the condom, since it might break. My GF wants me to do it inside but I never do. I'm too paranoid. is this normal? my cousin ...

A.   15 June 2009: If you are having regular sex get your girlfriend to go on the pill or the implant to make sure you are extra safe from unwanted pregnancys. It is safe for you to ejaculate in the condom but if you want to explain to your girlfriend that you don'... (read in full...)

Should I have sex at 13?

Q.   i want to have sex with my boyfriend and he wants to as well but we r only 13 is it ok if we did?...

A.   13 June 2009: At 13 you are in the middle of puberty and think you know what is best for yourself, we have all been there and do things that we regret. You are 13, you won't be with your boyfriend forever, i'm sorry but only very few people do stay together... (read in full...)

Guys: Does it bother you if your girl uses a vibrator?

Q.   This is a little embarrassing. I have enjoyed masturbation for many years, and then for my seventeenth birthday my weird but lovely best friend bought me a vibrator. Ever since then I have loved using them on a daily basis. I was quite a late ...

A.   13 June 2009: Guys normaly find it a turn on that their girlfriend uses a vibrator. Why don't you offer to use it in your sex life? Some guys love to use toys together in the bedroom and it brings a totaly different thing into sex and it keeps everythi... (read in full...)

Will the sperm die instantly when he dipped it in the water?

Q.   i got a question from my friend here. my friend wit his girl was messing around. Using his left hand, he fingers his girl friend and he while masturbaiting on the right, using his right hand. then my friend came and putted his semen and sperm on his ...

A.   13 June 2009: The sperm will die if its not kept at body tempreture but there is always a chance if sperm come into contact with a womans vagina she could be pregnant. I suggest you tell your friend to use contreception and to keep his sperm away from his girl... (read in full...)

Astrology test says we are made for each other, where do I go from here?

Q.   so i download a stupid astrology test cuz i was bored and am intrigued by them. anyway i ran my own numbers, then looked at the report. bla bla, fairly accurate. so i did one for this girl i like, right. i then discover this program can compare. ...

A.   12 June 2009: If a guy showed me a astrology test saying we were perfect i would be a bit scared. Them things don't really work.. Spend time with this girl if you really like her. Be there for her and just be really nice. You could ask her out on a date :)... (read in full...)

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