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Can someone really be ready to marry after only three months?

Q.   So I posted on here a while ago and the advice was pretty good so I wanted some opinions on something else. Basically I was in a relationship and through no fault of hers I moved away making it an LDR and this put a strain on the relationship to the ...

A.   29 February 2012: She's moving on and has nothing to do with you any more. Whether she is or isn't ready it doesn't have any relevance to you and you are stalling your moving on process by thinking about her mental stability to get married after 3 months My parent... (read in full...)

He's more into me than I am into him

Q.   hey... so... i met this guy about a month ago, and he's super sweet... the kind of guy that would make any teenage girl feel like the luckiest girl in the world! he's sweet, sensitive, he brought me flowers on our third date, introduced me to...

A.   29 February 2012: He needs to grow up. It's sweet but he's not very experienced in regular non puppy love dating. Are u his first gf?? Seems like his adulthood stage train hasn't even arrived at the station let alone left. I'd let him know you appreciate him b... (read in full...)

Have I given her the message that I'm only looking for something casual?

Q.   Hey guys, could do with some advice here. Main question - do you think if you sleep with a girl on 2nd date that means you give the impression you're not that interested in a relationship/serious thing, but moreso a casual thing? I met this gir...

A.   29 February 2012: Any advice on how to give the right impression?? Wait a while and make her feel respected instead of jumping straight into it and having hindsight issues that you might come across like you're after someone easy ... (read in full...)

Why is my boyfriend taking so long to reply to my texts?

Q.   my boyfriend used to text me back instantly after i text him then over time it started taking him longer and longer to reply even after school now it takes him between thirty minutes to an hour to reply to each text it really bugs me because we are ...

A.   28 February 2012: Mate don't rely on texts. If it's long distance get on-line, use Skype or Facebook so u would both be on at the same time to talk and you know u will have each others full attention for that time. 30 minutes to an hour is nothing some of my mates ... (read in full...)

I'm in love with my mom's boyfriend's son what should I do?

Q.   My mom's boyfriend's son and I really love eachother but don't know what our parents will say. They are not married so there shouldn't be anything wrong with that. What should we do?...

A.   28 February 2012: What happens if u date and break up bad then u HAVE to live with him because your mum and his dad marry each other?? AWKWARD ALERT!!... (read in full...)

Is it fine to casually date two women before choosing whom I want to be with? Does that make me a player?

Q.   After a tough break up last year, I've been only getting out to start dating now. I met one lady at start of February, I've met her 4 other times now, even cooked her breakfast. I met another girl two weeks ago, that wouldn't work out. I met another ...

A.   27 February 2012: heres a quote iamheretohelpyou told me 'beauty can expire, intelligence can inspire' basically peoples looks change but intelligent conversations last. Now pick. The wrong is in dating both and not letting them know about it. Maybe u will tell them ... (read in full...)

I'm in love with my mom's boyfriend's son what should I do?

Q.   My mom's boyfriend's son and I really love eachother but don't know what our parents will say. They are not married so there shouldn't be anything wrong with that. What should we do?...

A.   27 February 2012: You don't say much. Find someone who won't end up being your stepbro... (read in full...)

How can I become a father-like figure to my girlfriend?

Q.   I have a girlfriend and all would be fine, but more and more she keeps hinting to me that she wants me to be a father-like figure. It reached a stage when she gets irritated if I try to be cute with her (e.g. calling her cute names or trying to be ...

A.   27 February 2012: A father figure TO your girlfriend?? Does she have daddy issues?? You shouldn't be a father figure TO her but her protector or whatever depending on the extent she wants. I'd understand her wanting to ocasionally see your father side for any future ... (read in full...)

Is there something wrong with me because I'm attracted to innocent looking women?

Q.   Hello guy's, just a little concerned about my taste in women!, usually when i go out etc i have quite a strong attraction towards really innocent looking girls/women (quiet looking, really cute/doll/young faced) and while my friend's are after the ...

A.   27 February 2012: I guess it would be ok but being 20 having sex with a 16/17 year old sounds odd to me like a bit strange until they're 18 and age matters less I duno I just think it would creep me out but I dont think it's odd u are attracted to them just odd if u ... (read in full...)

Have I lost my online friend?

Q.   I know this girl kind of. I know her online. She's a few years younger but it doesn't seem like it. We dont plan on ever meeting but we talk alot ~ often daily until recently. About 7 months back we had a kind of disagreement about my girlfriend of ...

A.   25 February 2012: This is me by the way; just set up an acc.... (read in full...)

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