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i want to learn more about how to stay away from drama at school

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29 April 2009: To get to know a guy at school: sit next to him at lunch or when you get a chance. Ask him random questions like what's your favorite color or something. If you're shy just laugh at his jokes. don't get creepy with it. Later on...YOU'LL BE ...

My friend lied about her age!

Q.   My friend is 14 she acts grown up. She told an 18 year old she was 17. Now the guy is calling her. She is afraid to tell him her real age. She said her mom knows but... What can I do to help her? Why does she act grown up?...

A.   28 March 2009: hey the guy had stop calling her we pranked him on the phone and he called her a #!%^&. so he got mad and stoped calling... (read in full...)

How to start a conversation with him?

Q.   Well.. I really like this guy in my year at school, but we are both shy and don't know how to start a conversation? Any ideas and please help because I really like him?? xx thankyou...

A.   28 March 2009: well ask him about homework or a random topic. but don't seem freaky about it be cool like he's one of your friends.... (read in full...)

I think my teacher is in love with me!

Q.   i am in high school and i think my algebra teacher likes me. first i want 2 say i do not like him other than a teacher and nothing more. but him i am not so sure about. he always is staring at me and flirts with me. one time i was absent for like a ...

A.   28 March 2009: maybe he is trying to be a cool teacher and trying to be nice and get along. my teacher does that to but he does'nt like me I CANT STAND HIM actually but he is trying to be a nicer teacher to me so i don't hate him no more.THE MAN GAVE ME A C+... (read in full...)

Why does he get mad at me for saying think other guys are cute?

Q.   Ok, so I asked my boyfriend if he thinks any girls are hot or cute and he said one is cute. He asked the same to Me for guys and I said yes but he get's all mad about the fact that I think someone else is attractive, also. As opposed to when I just ...

A.   22 March 2009: he is worried would you ever cheat on him.when you say that around him he gets insecure around other guys.Then he will get jealous and do the same to you.... (read in full...)

Can you suggest ways that I should confront him?

Q.   I did quite a bad thing: I know my boyfriend's email password and decided to check his mail last week. I came across photograph's of a young man in his underwear with captions. Obviously I want to confront him about this, but without him finding out ...

A.   28 February 2009: well i think you did'nt invade his privacy because he knew you had it say i was curious about your messages that you were recieving.than go to the computer and show him the picture and ask him what is it.then hear what he will say......... (read in full...)

Are women put off by skinny men?

Q.   I know everyone has different tastes and personal preferences, but in general, are women put off by skinny men? I'm 22, and while I eat like a horse, I just have never been able to put on any tangible weight, and have virtually little...

A.   27 February 2009: well sometimes men are scary skinny so that's bad but if their under about 160 lbs.they're okay but could be better but they pefer muscler men.... (read in full...)

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