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What does he mean by 'give it some time'?

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Question - (20 November 2009) 1 Answers - (Newest, 20 November 2009)
A female United States age 41-50, *harvat writes:

What does it mean if a guy says "Give it some time we"ll work stuff out either way"?

I am going through rough time very stressed, I caused a fight with my boyfriend and said some mean and hurtful things to him and broke up. I have apologized to him, he told me he still loves me as well. He sent me a message saying "Give it some time we"ll work stuff out either way" what does he mean ?

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A male reader, Jim01 United States +, writes (20 November 2009):

It means right now he wants to take a step back to assess this relationship and think about what he wants. He doesn't want to break up right now, but he doesn't want to rush back into anything either. I would try to give him some space, and make him miss you. Make him realize he doesn't want to live with out you. And he can't do that if you ask him everyday if he's ready to work things out.

Good luck.


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