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My cervix feels a bit off center. Is this normal?

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Question - (22 August 2008) 2 Answers - (Newest, 22 August 2008)
A female United Kingdom, anonymous writes:

when i put my fingers in my vagina i can feel my cervix. Its not directly in the middle its more towards the left if i reach in. Is this normal? thanks

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A female reader, chloe71z United States +, writes (22 August 2008):

chloe71z agony auntyes this is normal. I think its like 75% of all women have a tilted cervix. they wont even know unless there doctor tells them or if they ask. I learned this when I would assist the dr I used work for, He told just about all his patients if theres was a little off kilter.the patents would ask him what does that mean? he would just tell them" It jsut means you hand to the left or right no any other way to put it really, some hang more to the front or back others to the left or right. On your next gynological visit talk to your doctor about it see what he tells you. But its probley nothin. You should still consult with a physician before making any assumtions.

Hope this helps

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A reader, anonymous, writes (22 August 2008):

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