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My boyfriend went too far...

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Question - (27 November 2005) 2 Answers - (Newest, 4 December 2005)
A female , *harliecatchaz writes:

Okay I went to a sleepover at my mates house and i started getting off with my boyfriend... we started doing "stuff"... afta a while i tried 2 back off but he just kept followin me and forcing me...well it felt like that... now i look back and feel really ill... i don't think my boyfriend realized he was forcing me afta a while but i feel silly! Im only 12 going on 13 and i feel like maybe i took it to far... I also worry that its gonna be harder to reak up with him now... :S wat do you think? wat shall i do? xx

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A reader, Helter Skelter +, writes (4 December 2005):

Helter Skelter agony auntwell i'm 15 n i've only recently started doin "stuff" with my bf bcz im consious of my body. wot ur bf did was wrong n u need to talk to him about it n see if he actually realised he was forcing u. if he didn't realise n thought u wanted it too, then im sorry if this is harsh but you need to think bout the relationship. something similiar happened to me this yr n even tho it was with my ex i ended up being unfaithful to my current bf bcz i was practically forced into a situation where i was doin something that felt dirty and wrong! i really think u need to talk to ur bf n see how he feels he acted n if he doesnt seem that bothered then he obviously doesnt respect u! n evryone needs respect hunny! hope ive helped! :)

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (27 November 2005):

well im 14 and ive had that happen to me b4 and its not fun trust me i know but i talked it out with him altho my dude that did it wasn't a bf but the same thing jsut talk it out with him tell him that you dont wanan do that stuff again at least not until your older your not ready for it and that when you start to back off from doin stuf tell him to try and contain him self like keep his hornyness to a minium (lol i know that sounds weird but yeah ..) idk thats just my imput id talk it over with him and if you really like him then stay with him and give him another chance .. jsut make shure you talk to him and tell him that he went to far ...

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