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Manager is so two faced and talks bad about everyone...surely she cant get away with it??

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Question - (8 May 2010) 1 Answers - (Newest, 8 May 2010)
A female United Kingdom age 36-40, anonymous writes:

Afternoon all,

I have just come across this site and was hoping for some much needed help and advice.

I have some issues with my manager at work-she has been there about just over and she seems to be nice enough to your face but speaks ill of you behind your back and is unprofessional.

Please allow me to give you some examples:

1 She called a woman in our team "council house scum". Not to her face but to another colleague which me and another perosn overheard-they seemed to find it funny! The woman in question is a single mother raising 3 children and lives on a council estate. She is such a lovely woman and works so hard and doesnt succumb to claiming for any benefits! Why this comment was made-no idea...but i just find it so direspectful seeing as she is all nice and friendly to her face.

2 Our manager fell out with her boss as she felt she wasnt allowed to take more control of some work. Now some months after our big boss decided to take on another role in the company and when our manger had a meeting with us she said "You'll all be glad to know xxx will no longer be my boss-its a very positive thing and hopefully the next person they employ will be able to do their job properly and not fuck off when things get tough" Once again i cant believe how unprofessional she was and she made it very clear how much she hates her.

3 1 of my colleagues; dad had to bring her in a parcel and she asked our manger if he could come up to the office and she said "no" and she would have to go outside to meet him. Fair enough-but the ironic thing is she (manager) brings in her daughter often-! Now she is 9 years old and all she does when she's in is run around,make noise and safety issues! 1 day she was in the office for 4 hours! Some of you may argue that childcare is a sensitive issue BUT when 1 of my other colleagues asked to bring her little boy in 1 day for an hour until he got picked up..guess what..she said NO!

4 We arent allowed to have lunch at our desk (common thing in most offices)but what does she do?? Eat her sandwich and then goes out for her lunch to meet her mates!!

5 We did a charity event a few months ago and our team had to bring/make cakes to sell. When we were putting the cakes out she saw sme home made ones (which werent perfect)and said "well they look like they belong in the bin"!

Grr... I could go on and im sorry if i've bored you but she just seems to get away with alot and she is so unprofessional but everyone (but a couple) of people like her.

Part of me wants to report her annonymously as i find she is always disrespectful and rude and im sure half the things she does she shouldnt be allowed.

Please dont say talk to her about her attitude as she is 1 of these people that would make your working life hell if she knew what you thought about her.

How do i deal with this without being seen as a trouble maker??

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A female reader, purple_butterfly Canada +, writes (8 May 2010):

Sometimes in life, you shouldnt do things even though they are in your power. I think the fact that she is two faced is really annoying you because she obviously hasbeen mean to you too. She is your manager and you don;t wana invite trouble for yourself by saying something to her. Karma hits such people.Just avoid her. Tell your self thinking about her and her actions isnt worth the pain and trouble you're causing yourself.

I hope that helps

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