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Is this guy in love with me?

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Question - (23 March 2011) 4 Answers - (Newest, 24 March 2011)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

When a guy tells you he 'loves you to bits' does he mean he is in love with you or loves you as a friend? Ive being in a relationship for 5 month and my bf has being telling me this. He has only said 'love you' a couple of times. As I dont see him that much I dont know if loves me more like a friend than as his girlfriend.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (24 March 2011):

Thanks for the answers and to Ironman needed a guys opinion. Im not sure if this guy is in love with me. He can be affectionate and loving, but it doesnt happen a lot. Hes more sarcastic, teasing and a bit controlling if Im honest. I dont see him a lot like once ot twice a week. He seems happy to see me. There is loads of issues with him really, infact the guy drains me on how he is with me. I just dont understand him, he tells me he loves me, misses me wants to be cuddled up to me wants to see me but his actions dont match his words most of the time.

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A female reader, EhhWhat United States +, writes (23 March 2011):

Hi, I think it depends on how serious you feel your relationship is. Sorry if it seems weird, but the only guys I've ever heard using terms of endearment such as "love you to bits" are my gay friends as they hang up the phone or say goodbye. I'm not saying that your BF is gay, please don't think that's what I'm implying, it's just that it IS more of a casual, friendship-like thing to say than something one would hear in a romantic relationship. BUT, your BF could just be really uncomfortable saying "I love you" because unfortunately there are sociologic factors at play in young man's mind that can affect almost every action he takes. For example, in his mind, saying "I love you" may mean something completely different that if you were to say it. That's the problem with that phrase getting tossed around, saying it means something different to everyone and hearing it is also interpreted differently by everyone. You may also need to think about your behavior towards the relationship and you think that maybe you put pressure on him to validate your worth as his GF? That may make it a little more difficult for him as well. I don't think that whether a person says "it" or not is a true indicator of their feelings. If you feel "love" coming from him, then I would say he loves you~ in his way. Give it time, hon, don't stress, just go with what your heart tells you.

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A male reader, ironman777 New Zealand +, writes (23 March 2011):

Hi- Without knowing more information when a person says they love you to bits,I would suggest that they do indeed love you.

Is he following up his words with actions, treating you nicely, giving you flowers, smiling alot when he see's you? If he is then definately love...

If he's not it might just mean that he's not very romantic but I think you know what he's thinking everytime you see him. Ah love-there isnt a feeling like it....

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (23 March 2011):

It could just mean that he loves you as his girlfriend, doesn't necessarily mean he's in love at this point but it doesn't mean he only loves you as a friend.

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