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How do I get my wife to be a freak in bed?

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Question - (14 January 2011) 2 Answers - (Newest, 14 January 2011)
A male United States age 51-59, *hymexycpl writes:

how do I get my wife to get more freaky in bed. She says im too horny all the time. she lets me watch porn but does not want to engage in bedroom activities.

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A female reader, auntieloulou United Kingdom +, writes (14 January 2011):

auntieloulou agony auntAbove all else you need to make your wife feel special. do you buy her flowers? cook for her? give her a massage? run her a bath? show her you love her, and this will make her feel attractive, cared for and wanted (all needed for a good love life!)

try easing your wife into it first. why not buy her some lingerie? a babydoll night dress is flattering for women, looks gorgeous on and shows that you care. go out of your way to get her something nice, show her that you took the time and effort (knowing her size, style etc) and she might want to show you it!

dont think about just what you want in the bedroom, it takes 2 to tango so think about your wifes wants and needs. crack open a bottle of wine (guards and inhibitations fall when you have a drink!), light some candles, cook her a meal, make her feel good. take time with your wife, dont rush it. spend time kissing her, ask her if she has any fantasies.

make sure you praise and make her feel good, tell her how beautiful she is, compliment her as much as you can, not just when you want to have sex but all the time. most women wont be too 'freaky' i the bedroom as they lack confidence. as a man, if you make her feel confident, your sex life will rocket.

how often would you (realistically) like to have sex a week? if you do feel that you are horny all the time, maybe you need to take time to assess it. have you got a problem? maybe because your horny all the time, you put pressure on your wife to have sex when she doesnt want to? different sex drives are difficult to manage, you need to find middle ground. be open about it with your wife.

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A female reader, AuntyMaur Australia +, writes (14 January 2011):

AuntyMaur agony auntGet her a new man! she has had you for years.

To be serious....

Perhaps instead of watching porn start dating her again,a woman likes to feel loved all of the time!!!! not just before going to bed.

When I say date I mean date..this means more than 1 movie or 1 dinner..treat her like you have just met her and you want to impress her... do everything like giving her flowers - hug her without expecting anything other than a time intimacy should return otherwise I would suggest a councillor or seperation.

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