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im a bit shy but i get really bubblely when i go hyper, long brown bonde redish hair, blue eyes, quite petite and slim (ish).

im quite sensitive and therfore love cuddles, im very unpredictable and have lots of mood swings. i love to laugh and often do (even when no one else does). i love reading (favs are romance, fantasy and aventure) i love watching films at the end of the week, with a cup of tea and slouchy clothes.

i love talking with friends but its often me that ends up givin advice becuase all my m8s often suffer 4rm constant daily heart breaks, its hard but im there 4 them no matter what, unfotunaty i don't really get a word in which i why ive made up this account, i don't often talk about my problems; they seem so small compared to other peoples, but i reccently suffered from a serious depression (i'm very sensitive) and need to get it out of my system.

Right now i'm single and have been for a very long time, i have no interests with anyone atm so if anyone fancies a chat i'm here btw im 15/16.


I'm a young girl attracted to older men

Q.   Okay, I am a 17 year old girl. Since I was about 14 I have only been attracted to older men. And I mean older. 40-60's. I don't find a single guy around my age attractive at all and I haven't in forever. At school the only crushes I have developed ...

A.   4 March 2008: don't worri ur not alone! i have the same issue, i just cnt date guys my own age or younger, and im 16! im AlWAYS attracted to older men, i think its because im rather inexperienced so therefore love to be in the hands of someone much more expe... (read in full...)

I'm 14, am I going through depression?

Q.   Hi I'm 14 and I can't help but wonder if I am going through a depression.. Here is my situation. Well my bf and I recently broke up after 3 years I am okay with that but I also have no friends. When I say this, I am exaggerating a little bc I do hav...

A.   9 November 2007: you're not alone, i feel exactly the same, everthing thats happenened to you has also happened to me. i simply started a diary, i wrote everything down-unusual quotes that expressed my feelings to everyday situations. ABout you're friends, i tried ... (read in full...)

How do I make him realise that I like him?

Q.   Hey guys. Okay - I like this guy, he is really cute but the problem is he flirts with me when he is not with his friends. I have asked him whether he likes me but his answer was that he was not ready for a relationship. We still communic...

A.   6 October 2007: he might like you if he doesnt flirt with u infront of friends. he might just be shy. If u wnt 2 encourage him then just innocently flirt back, have fun! make it light flirty, fun and friendly. he might b playing u or just tryin 2 have fun hims... (read in full...)

Should I make the first move?

Q.   ok, well im a really, really shy person and there is this one guy who likes me and i like him but i dont know if i should make the first move or if he should?? and if i should make it what should i do?? i am also goin to his house today because his ...

A.   6 October 2007: yeah go 4 it! if he seems 2 b welcoming then yes. Make it light and casual, make friendly conversation. Ask what movies he likes or something, then ask "ohh have you seen this ****" if he hasn't then invite him along with you. smile lots and just be ... (read in full...)

I'm disappointed she hasn't contacted me.

Q.   I met someone from the internet y'day afternoon, following a brief email exchange which she instigated and we seemed to get on well, after a couple of hours chatting she invited me to meet one of her friends which I did and when we parted she ...

A.   1 October 2007: if she hasnt contacted you shes either testing you or wating for you 2 make the next move. girls are like that. she may just be shy and waiting for you. contact her, don't seem 2 pushy or desperate, just get to know her more and wait until YOU know ... (read in full...)

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