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Am I too dependant on the man I love?

Q.   I have been with my boyfriend David for 5 1/2 years. We are high school sweethearts and soul mates. I feel like this is rather pathetic that I am bothering someone else with my problems but I need help. Like I said, David and I love each other. We ...

A.   5 October 2005: Girl you need to GET A LIFE! Good relationships are built on interdependency, not co-depenency. Get a job your interested in, study something, but get a life. There is nothing worse than someone sucking the life out of you by being needy - its the ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend's joining the Army. Should I accept his proposal of marriage?

Q.   I have been going out with my boyfriend for the past 6 months. In January (3 months time) he's planning to join the army and will be away for months at a time. Recently he asked me to marry him, and I'm not sure if it's what I want to do. My friends ...

A.   5 October 2005: If your not sure - then dont do it...that simple, extend your engagement, its not the end of the world! ... (read in full...)

I was a bit nervous when we met, and told him a stupid fib!

Q.   This sounds a bit pathetic - but I just need a little advice. I am gay and met this boy a month ago and we have really hit it off. I am quite shy and nervous and on our first date I stupidly I told him I was from Manchester when in fact I am from N...

A.   5 October 2005: Good Heavens girl, grow up! lies get you no where in life, they always jump up and bite you on the bum sooner or later. Just tell him, and have a good laugh at your own stupidity..... and dont do it again. do unto others!... (read in full...)

We're no longer doctor and patient... so would it be OK?

Q.   I would like advice about a tricky situation ! I am a professional writer and actor in my early thirties , and started to see a doctor specialist of the same age after having glandular fever. From the beginning we found it easy to talk , a...

A.   5 October 2005: Wake up girl! get with the program, this man is a low life, any doctor who would become involved with a patient can be disbarred, its a 7 year period between being a patient and the exclusion time. So he is willing to loose alot, a wife, a practise ... (read in full...)

I seem to fancy just about every guy!

Q.   I am feeling so lonely! I haven't had a boyfriend in 2 years and it is beginning to drive me mad! What's worse is that I can't help but fancy almost every guy I meet. It is awful, as it is always in small phases but it is so distracting) ...

A.   5 October 2005: Have you ever heard of the term Addicted to Love! Well it’s a real phenomena, we get addicted to the rush of endorphins our brain produces when we get sexually aroused. Sounds like you need to try celibacy until you sort your self out! Loving ... (read in full...)

I'm late... but I can't be pregnant? Can I?

Q.   Please help! My period is over a week late and I'm starting to think I maybe pregnant. This is very unlike me, I am usually quite regular and, if anything, I come on early. I thought I would come on as normal last week, as I was moody, bloated and ...

A.   5 October 2005: Well now you know how babies are made - its time to take responcibility - yes of course you can be preganant, no contraception is 100% go see your doctor!... (read in full...)

I've been reduced to sneaking around to find out if my partner is cheating...

Q.   I suspected my partner was cheating on me earlier in the year. What happened recently though was the person I thought he was cheating with told me he had been cheating - but with someone else. Anyway, he has (predictably) denied this. He knows da...

A.   5 October 2005: Hey girl, its your insecurities that are the problem here, you know you are working from your own standards here, may be its you who cant be trusted? Either trust him, or finish the relationship this stuff is very unhealthy for both of you. ... (read in full...)

Three in a bed and we were all drunk. I swear I thought it was my boyfriend touching me!

Q.   I have done a really bad thing and I just don't know what to do! The other night my Boyfriend of 4 and a half years and myself stayed with one of our very close male friends. We shared his bed, which we have done before. I was in the middle. We w...

A.   5 October 2005: Dear girl, what your friend did was rape you! Wheather you want to beleive it or not what he did was wrong - You should find the courage to discuss this with your boyfriend, otherwise the guilt of it could bust your relationship. The other boy did ... (read in full...)

I caught my 10-year-old daughter masturbating!

Q.   I hope you can help me with this because i just dont know what to do! I have a 10 year old daughter who is very happy- go lucky and has lots of friends. Last week i walked into her bedroom to find her straddling her bedcorner and thrusting. I told ...

A.   5 October 2005: You need to be careful how you handle this one, dont react if possible, she doesnt need to feel guilty about her sexuality, but it would be good if you can ask her some gentle questions like where did she see such things? and Does she think this is ... (read in full...)

I discovered my boyfriend's porn and he didn't do much to reassure me...

Q.   I recently found porn magazines in my boyfriends room and I am now really insecure. I feel as if I am not good enough for him and I have spoke to him about it but he doesn't seem particularlly bothered. All he has said is that I am as good as the ...

A.   5 October 2005: Hey girl, does it matter if he is getting hot over a book and then spending his nights making love with you? He is just a healthy male, and as long as he is bringing that apetite home to you, keep smiling....... ... (read in full...)

My wife recognises that her sex drive is very low, but she thinks of sex as being "of no value"!

Q.   Hi I have been married for seven years and have two children. My wife recently told me that she has always had very little sex drive which she has tried her best to hide but now the problem is getting worse and fears that very soon we might not have...

A.   5 October 2005: Hi there, could be that you have never taken her to the moon and back? If a girl has never been excited then it just could be you need to try to improve your technique, the old fashioned romance, affection, fun, seduction techniques do help. Problem ... (read in full...)

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