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*z Honey agony aunt

*z Honey

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Hey Guy's

Let tell you a little about me I am a stay at home mom now.

I was in a very bad accident a few years ago that left me

unable to work.I have been with my boyfriend for several years

now on and off.We just got back together almost to years ago this

thanksgiving.I can honestly say that I love him with all my heart

he is a very good father to our kids and a very good provider for the family.We just move into a very big house in a nice and

safe area in maryland.(new home owner)And I love it.But although

I love my man and kids very much!!!

I hate being at home everyday don't miss understand what I am

saying I don't hate being at home with my kids I hate not being

out in the working world enter acting with other people.

I miss working unlike some people I enjoy getting up and going

to work just to meet new people and making them laugh joking

with my co-worker on a everyday basic.I'm a people person I

love to help people and I really miss it that sometimes a get

depress,sad and sometime I cry a lot my kids and my boyfriend

makes me very happy but there is a part me that fill and that is the craving I get for work.

I have been a indepenent women since I was 16 years old I always

took care of myself.But it's like now that has been took away from me and I can't get it back because of my injuries.

So after I completely clean my house from top to bottom 5oth

times a day(lol) I find myself online trying to help other

get threw there crazy but funny problem good and bad. I must

say i am loving this web site i came across by error this

morning and at about 10am and now it's 1am the next day (lol

that how much i like it so far I thought I have issues about

being at home. but after reading some of these question I

feel stupid.Because it's people out here who's having real


enough about me I hope to meet and help you guy's as much as

possible.And if you know of anything to help me feel more

comfortable about being at home please tell me because it is

very hard for me to adjust to it.

p.s No I wasn't being a bad mom today my kids are gone for the

weekend (lol)

Take Care Mz Honey

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A.   7 July 2007: All I can say is leave move on move out get out.You mean more to you then you mean to him.You are the only person in that relationship who is being honest and faithful.What I mean is this maybe he's not with in person but in his mind he is.He's with ... (read in full...)

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My boyfriend of 5 years (he's 34 years old) is my best friend. The problem is that he has given up on everything.

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