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Is to okay to experiment with girls?

Q.   Hey everyone, I am 23 years old,lately I have been very curious about having a sex with a it because I want to experiment or I'm just curious or bisexual I don't know.. I have never kissed or made out or even done it with the girl,but bef...

A.   14 July 2012: You know...I don't want to sound like someone that's judging but experimentation only leads to confusion. You're 23 and sometimes you will get different thoughts about sexuality but if we act on every thought we have...we all would have penises in ... (read in full...)

Confused boyfriend? Or is he just making me wait to be dumped?

Q.   Hi all, My boyfriend of 4 months has recently been acting weird (the past 2 weeks). He hasn't shown any affection, he has been cancelling plans to see me and he has avoided calls, simply texting me that he needs to think and that he needs space. ...

A.   14 July 2012: I'm a guy...that's what we do when we feel like we are falling in love yo. Give him the space that he wants and you take some time for yourself too before you guys jump in. Play it cool, don't call him though until like two days from now if he ... (read in full...)

Everytime I masturbate I have bad luck, bad karma or something bad happens!

Q.   HI! This might seem silly, dumb or mentally not normal to some but i have a weird problem, so please don't judge too soon. I also don't have any mental issues, been checked by the docs so Please don't say that you have issues. It seems like...

A.   14 July 2012:'s true; unfortunate things do happen when you/I masterbate. When youre married, its worse because weird things can start happening to the ones you love...believe it or not. I've been struggling with this issue for years but more so lately. ... (read in full...)

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