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What am I doing wrong? I want a boyfriend....

Q.   This is gonna sound quite big headed,but i am a good looking girl and im a size 12 im clean and live in a nice home with an ok family. the onli problem is im 16 goin on 17 and i still havnt had a seirious realitonship ive only ever had one,that...

A.   22 October 2008: oh honey your not doing anything wrong. you sound really sweet enjoy your life you dont have to rush getting a boyfreind. im sure mr wright will be out there when you not looking it happened to me. good luck xx... (read in full...)

If we are just going out, what can I do to get her in the mood for sexual things?

Q.   How do I sexually turn on a girl??? for example, my friend and I were hanging out together, and me being a guy, i was basically turned on by looking at her, lol. However, she did not want to do anything sexual that night. My question is, if ...

A.   22 October 2008: hi the best advice i got to give is a women is always turned on by her man when he not affraid to express his you have feelings for her? take things slow at her pace she may not be ready. just remember the best things come to those who ... (read in full...)

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