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What do men prefer? Bushy, normal or shaven?

Q.   I just wanted to know what guys prefer on womens private part, Bushy, normal or shaven? Girls answer 2 if ya like, thanks!...

A.   21 February 2007: i have a hair cut like shapes and that, i dont mind but i dont like loads hair, but bold is ok but i mean i got a lil line hair on mine and its just so much better, i think thts what guys like i like it on girls to ... (read in full...)

I have been married 18 years, he cheated on me and is not on internet dating sites... what should I do?

Q.   i have been married for 18 years thinking we were fine until he cheated on me 7 years ago said just kissed a girl now we're in middle of leaving each other we fight all the time because he said he wants me to trust him but then i find out he is on ...

A.   21 February 2007: Even if you have great sex thats besides the point, some people cant commit, its a shame i know. Sounds like he still is either cheating or is going to, and you are both fighting witch isnt a healthy relationship at all im sorry to say, i would sa... (read in full...)

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