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I had sex with my best friend's boyfriend and now I'm pregnant.

Q.   i need help and quick. im 13 and about three months ago i had sex with my best friend's boyfriend. i regret it, because im pregnant. i dont know how to tell people. let alone my best friend. please help....

A.   7 June 2008: Right hunny your the same age as me but what are you doing having sex at this age really but i no your in need help so i wont have a go but go to your mum and tell her do NOT tell your friends because you will be had fun of and you dont want... (read in full...)

What is this discharge I's scaring me!

Q.   well Since i was 7 or 8 i have had this clear stuff come out my vagina and now its turned brownish and i havnt started my peroid yet and im getting really scared about it what is it please help and quick ...

A.   12 August 2007: Hi erm thanks everyone that said something it helped and its clearing up now thnks ... (read in full...)

He isn't happy with just kissing me and wants to try out other things.

Q.   I've got a boyfriend but he we have kissed and snogged and stuff already but my boyfriend is a year older then me and he says he wants to try out more stuff then kissing... but im not sure .... What should I do to pleasure by the way im only 12 .. ...

A.   12 July 2007: OK hun your 12 dont you think you should slow down dont let your bf presure you into doing ''other things'' at your age hun just ask him to slow down becouse you are so young and just stick to kissing till your about 14-15-16 and what he wants to do ... (read in full...)

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