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hi am only 14 but have a lot of experience with answering questions and problems from difficult m8s

I fancy dying my hair

Q.   I have VERY VERY pale skin, at the minute I've got a light brown/dark blonde hair colour. But have got bad winter roots and it doesn't look very good. I fancy dying it. But can't decide what colour? I've got grey/blue eyes in case you were wonderi...

A.   7 December 2006: you could always have different colour highlights and see which looks best then eventually add more and more into the hair untill it is your desired colour ... (read in full...)

He dunps me! Then he says he go out with me again if ..I have sex with him! What do I say to him?

Q.   My boyfriend broke up with me after going out 6 months. He texted me and said if I have sex with him he will go back out with me. What do you I suggest I say to that? We are both under 16....

A.   5 December 2006: he can't love you he is just a typical boy ie wants sex and moves on ( sorry to all those decent boys out there ) YOU ARE BETTER OFF WITHOUT HIM he isn't worth it no matter how much you think you love him he doesn't love you and will just abuse you ... (read in full...)

I want to snog my boyfriend but I'm afraid I wont know how!

Q.   i want to snog my boyfriend but im afraid i wont know how when it gets to it, although i've looked it up on many sites....

A.   5 December 2006: i know exactly how you feel i had the same probablem last month im 14 and had been with my boyfriend for about 4 months and really wanted to take it a bit further i no it can seem awkward but i swear when you start then you will find it the best i ... (read in full...)

I'm 13 and scared to lose my virginity

Q.   I need some help, i'm 13 nd im scared ov losin my virginity. ...

A.   5 December 2006: you are 13 that is not the right time to have sex your body is still growing and there is no need to have it so early if you are going out with some 1 and he is trying to force you into having sex then he is not the right man for you quit worring ... (read in full...)

Bras hurt me and I just can't wait to take them off! What can be done?

Q.   i cant wear bras, i tried 4 just a year, it hurts so much, i've even figured out a way to get my bra off with my t-shirt on since it is soooooo painful. it pulls in my chest so i cant breath i doesnt help becuase i have asthma. i have been fitted ...

A.   4 December 2006: i suggest going to debenhams they are great for teen fits i should now they make sure you are measured and fitted with a bra that suits you and is comfortable if there is not a debenhams near were you live try looking for a make called " ulban angel ... (read in full...)

I'm 13 and this man from Turkey tells me he loves me...on MSN. What should I do?

Q.   Ok, im 13 right? This man from Turkey added me on MSN and we have been speaking for around a month or two, and he tells me he loves me, he is 18, and i know he is because he showed me his ID and he also speaks turkish and lives in Istanbul, Digorlu....

A.   4 December 2006: LEAVE HIM he is probably faking it you should never trust some 1 on msn or other chat rooms if he is 18 then he could either be a pedofile himself or same 1 who works for them so stop and find some 1 decent that speaks english and can be seen face ... (read in full...)

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