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Fast Moving World

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17 April 2009: Many of our teens are facing the world by themselves. Both parents working and barely having enough time to eat a sit down dinner with there kids. So who is listening to our teens? What are they to do when faced with drugs, sex, love and problems...

How can I get my husband to initiate sex?

Q.   How can I get my husband to initiate sex? What can I do so that he can't stop himself and come pouncing at me (hee hee) that's what I desire. Can anyone tell which points in men's body initiate that feeling or any food that increases sexual desire?...

A.   17 April 2009: Get rid of cable TV, direct TV make him find some way to entertain himself and that will be you my friend.... (read in full...)

I'm a young girl attracted to older men

Q.   Okay, I am a 17 year old girl. Since I was about 14 I have only been attracted to older men. And I mean older. 40-60's. I don't find a single guy around my age attractive at all and I haven't in forever. At school the only crushes I have developed ...

A.   17 April 2009: When I was 15 I had a relationship with a much older woman. That was the best 3 months of my life she taught me things that I would have never learned in a life time. She taught me how to be mature and what a woman really wanted. I cherish that tim... (read in full...)

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