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We have planned that we will start having sex this weekend, and I have some contraception questions!

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Question - (12 May 2010) 5 Answers - (Newest, 15 May 2010)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

Me and my boyfriend want to start having sex, and we have kind of planned that it will be this weekend.

Im not sure which contraception to use and where i can get it from and how i use it and all that. I know that he already has condoms and i wasnt sure whether I would need 'the pill' or the morning after pill too, just in case. if so, what are the side affects and how do i get it relatively quickly?

Thanks x

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A female reader, chigirl Norway +, writes (15 May 2010):

chigirl agony auntYou can only use condoms. The morning after pill is not meant to be used as a contraceptive, it is only for emergencies. And to be able to use the birth control pill you must have been on it for about a week before having sex, so there is no time for that.

Are you both virgins, have you been tested?

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A male reader, gar15 Ireland +, writes (13 May 2010):

condoms must be used

the pill dosnt protect againsts STDS

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A female reader, celtic_tiger United Kingdom +, writes (12 May 2010):

celtic_tiger agony auntOk, first of all, sex is not something that should be planned out like an army manouver! Your first time probably will not live up to expectations, and will not be the soppy romantic experience you think it will. It may hurt, and you could bleed, so please make sure you realise this when you do it. You need to be comfortable and relaxed. If you are subconsciously worrying and working yourself up to this at the weekend you may make it worse, by being tense which in turn will make it more painfull and less fun for you.

As for contraception, condoms are essential! No condom no sex. Please dont be like the other girls we have on DC who are in trouble because of unprotected sex.

The "morning after pill" is an EMERGENCY contraceptive ONLY. This is not a sweetie, or a paracetamol. It is a strong powerful medication, which if taken too many times could leave you with problems. It should only be taken aften un-expected unprotected sex (stupidity), rape, or if the condom breaks or another form of contraception fails. It should NEVER be used as a form of contraception alone. That is totally irresponsible.

I would suggest you go to the Doctors and have a chat about the contraceptive pill. This is prescribed, and they will give you a check up, etc to make sure you are able to take it. Again, the contraceptive pill is not like paracetamol. There can be serious side effects, and there are many brands with different side effects. The majority of women have to try a couple of brands before they find one that suits them. You need to take the pill at the same time every single day of the week, at the same time. If you miss one, you have to make sure you use other protection for 7 days afterwards.

The pill takes a good week to become effective, and it can take 3 or 4 months for your body to get used to. Essentially you are pumping it full of hormones, and that can comepletely throw your body out of sink.

As you are so unsure about contraception, I really suggest you hold off on having sex until you have been to the doctors and discussed this fully with them. You seem far too unsure of what could happen to risk pregnancy or an STD.

Please be careful. Its better to be safe than sorry. You can get pregnant the first time you have sex. A boy doesnt have to ejaculate for you to get pregnant. Pre-cum has sperm in too.

Wait for it to happen naturally after you have been to the Dr and got yourself protected.

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A female reader, Emaz help United Kingdom +, writes (12 May 2010):

Emaz help agony auntWell condoms are the most effective so make sure you definately use them. After a while you might want to try it without condoms and in that case you need to go on the pill or get the implant or something, but for your first personal contraception i'd recomment the pill. You can still use condoms with the pill just to be extra safe. Go to your GP or family planning clinic and they will advise you and sort you out with the free contraception that suits you :)

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A female reader, Emilysanswers United Kingdom +, writes (12 May 2010):

Put "family planning clinic" and the name of your town into google.

They have drop in sessions so you don't even need an appointment.

The nurses down there will explain everything and give you condoms and show you how to put them on if you like.

Good Luck!! xx

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