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How do I get to know him better?

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Question - (28 December 2008) 2 Answers - (Newest, 28 December 2008)
A female , *ellachic385 writes:

I like a guy who works at the gym I go to. He has the most beautiful eyes. He oversees the gym and helps people with the equipment when asked. I don't think he is a personal trainer.

He seems to be working almost everytime I go to workout, I can't leave without him smiling and saying goodbye to me. Yesterday I asked him (for the 1st time)for help with medicine balls. He helped me with that, with the first excersize involving us laying down...He went on to show me a bunch more I didn't ask about! When he asked if I had any questions I said oh not today. He smiled and said next time your in here let me know.

I've been going there for a while and my feelings for him have grown.

How do I get to know him better? I'm almost 18. How old do you have to be to get this job?

Any tips are appriciated.

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A female reader, bellachic385 +, writes (28 December 2008):

bellachic385 is verified as being by the original poster of the question

bellachic385 agony auntThanks for you tips.

Could I go up to him and say

Hey Josh the excersixes you showed me really work...I might ask you for some more soon.

Oh btw I came up with something to ask you. Is it true that you burn more calories if you do ab workouts first then cardio?

I don't want to get annoying but it seems he likes the attention from me too.

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A female reader, luvy duvy United States +, writes (28 December 2008):

luvy duvy agony auntOkay! You should keep going to the gym of course, find any reason at all to ask for his help, and after he helps you...if you are bold enough...ask him about something...

EXAMPLES: choose only one


Have you seen the movie...?

How long have you been working here?

Are you always being this helpful?

I need someone to help me with me daily workout...Can you you help me?

If that isn't your should try to ask some of the other employees about him. Things like...what kind of music he likes, his habits, his favorite food, hobbies...

When you get this information...use it whisley.

EXAMPLES:choose only one for when you walk by him...

Sing a song he likes, even if you sound horrible.

Act as if your talking to a friend on your cell, about something that interest him...

say something like...I KNOW! I love that (song,food,place,ect.)

When doing any of the above...don't make it so often that you do these things. Do it no more than three times a week, and maybe he will start the conversation first, the next time.

Oh yeah! I'm not sure, but I am guessing he must be older because I don't think they would let an 18 year work at a gym.


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