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The note I'd love to give to my Spanish teacher, but won't...

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Question - (28 December 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 29 December 2008)
A male United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:

I’ve had massive crush on my Spanish teacher for few years. I know nothing is going to happen between us; she’s married and I’m under-age. I sure miss her when I don’t see her, especially on weekends. I’m really having a hard time now since we are off for the holidays. I can’t wait to see her again in January. I was wondering if it’s OK that I masturbate to her all the time. I fantasize about her and in my fantasies she is no longer with her husband, and I am not under-age. Either she’s divorced him or he’s died. I know that sounds wicked of me, but I am a good person. Here is a note I would like to give her, but won’t. Thanks Dear Cupid for letting me get this off my chest.

Dear Señora,

You are so awesome. I love you because you are the sweetest, nicest, and kindest person I know. You don’t realize this but you have changed my life. Not only have I learned so much from you, I will never forget you. You have made my time in your class, the best experience of my life. All of the students who have had you love you too. I will always love you. I wish I could be the man in your life.

Tu Estudiante Favorito

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A female reader, sundappled United Kingdom +, writes (29 December 2008):

No. I know it's hard to harbour these kind of feelings for someone you see often and can't have but I cannot emphasise this enough: really really don't give this to her.

She may be flattered and not affected by it at all but you don't want to risk making her feeling awkward and her job more difficult: if you really like her you won't want to make her life more complicated.

But when you or she will soon be leaving the school (note: not just leaving her class, but the school) and your professional relationship is coming to an end, should you still feel this way, then I expect she would appreciate it.

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A female reader, luvy duvy United States +, writes (28 December 2008):

luvy duvy agony auntHI! I have had a crush on a teacher before, but not quite as luvy duvy as you are. It was over in less than a month. You should give her the note...don't get too axcited...if you give her the note you must take out or change the last sentence. Um...the last two sentences in your note.

You could get in trouble for saying something like that to a teacher, or even worse you could get her in trouble. I know you love her, but it would never work...your like 13-15 years old dude!

There are plenty of us, young ladies, in this world. You will be will be over in no time.

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A female reader, adonnat63 United States +, writes (28 December 2008):

I had a crush on a teacher when I was in school too. He was my science teacher. I believe nearly everyone has a crush on a teacher at one time or another. Are you maybe getting attention from this teacher that your not getting at home or from friends. Remember that this too shall pass. You will get a crush on someone your own age soon enough. Don't rush things.

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