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*ove wife

Eritrea  (Male   XML/RSS

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i am 51 years old, male ,Electrical Engineer,Married and have 3 kids , 26 married girl, 19 boy studying Engineering and 17 boy in high school , most of the time i convince my wife by the importance of keeping our sex life in the right direction .of course we had to have our wild fantasy to keep our sex drive in place , we live in Middle east , muslim , interesting in observing people's attitude and manners just for the sake of getting more experience , being muslim and living in oriental country cause some problems to deal with reality and led to find out solutions to our problems especially in sex and freedom to say what we believe and feel.

i think trying to share and solve others'issues is very important and make life a better place to live in . i believe that women are the most important creatures God have ever create . they are the life , mother , wife ,lover and the home back bone. woman is the key of my life . it is my pleasure to share me in every moment

My wife says I need to calm down but sex is always on my mind!

Q.   I recently turned 46 and have had alot of sex on my mind. not only the act, but pics and videos to help me get off. My wife says Im too horny and need to calm down but I cant help it. I even watch porn with a buddy of mine to relieve the tention but ...

A.   23 April 2012: i have the same problem , my advice if you can :cheat on her and stay away , she will feel that it is time to take care of you , OR divorce her , the crazy woman is the one refuses her man in bed , this woman must go to hell... (read in full...)

Why is this lesbian flirting with me?

Q.   im a lesbian in a relation ship of 5 yrs,and im flirting with another lesbian in a 11yr relation ship she doesnt love her partner and says she wont leave her they dont have sex anymore so why is she flirting with me? ...

A.   23 April 2012: my friend, she has no problem to leave you without prior alert as she used to . you do not have to do what the others want you to . be clear with your self , and ask your mind and soul , good luck ... (read in full...)

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