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Will my parents kick me out of the house for being pregnant at 15 like they did with my sister?

Q.   I am 15 and I went on holiday for 5 days with my boyfriend and his parents, we had sex once. Now 4 weeks later and I took a pregnancy test because I'd missed my period completely. The test came out positive. I am absolutly terrified about what my ...

A.   26 April 2010: These things happen. You are not the first and won't be the last girl to get pregnant when young. You need to confide in a close female friend or relative. Also go to a pregnancy clinic. They are confidential. It would be a good idea to tell ... (read in full...)

I cant afford to visit a dentist, does anyone have any home remedies for toothache?

Q.   hi i have been in agony over the last 2 days now with a toothache, it comes and goes but it always comes back. last night i took two asprins and put salt water in my mouth, it did help then i slept, now i have woken up to an even painful toothach...

A.   7 April 2010: Yes oil of cloves helps to numb the pain. ... (read in full...)

Who is my baby's father?

Q.   Hello.. I feel awful however I made a big mistake and I am wondering if someone can help. I am 16 weeks pregnant and I am unsure who the father of my child is. Me and my fiance have been together for 5 years and broke up on oct 2nd... I met a guy ...

A.   22 February 2010: These things happen. There is obviously doubt which guy is the father of your baby. However you don't know that it is not your fiance. Frankly I would say nothing to your fiance. The feelings of doubt that you have are the price you need to pay ... (read in full...)

I got drunk and made out with another guy, and now feel guilty

Q.   Ive been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now. Right now were doing long distance and i see him every month and a half or so. i was basically with him all the time for the first month, then left for uni, came back and had a solid month with him, we ...

A.   20 February 2010: It's understandable why it happened. Never easy to run long distance relationships and stay faithful when your young. Maybe also you need to be sure of your own feelings towards your boyfriend? Since having a close male friend you care about i... (read in full...)

My boyfriend has an anger problem and I'm worried about my unborn child

Q.   im pregnant and worried about by boyfriends anger. been to the doctor as he has hit me in the stomach and i am worried bout hurting my baby. my friends say i should leave him! i don't know what to do. please help ...

A.   31 January 2010: There is only one course of action to protect both yourself and the baby get out now!!! Have known bad things happen to girls who stayed in violent relationships. There is no excuse for what he did to you. Contact a refuge if you have nowhere to ... (read in full...)

What are vaginas supposed to smell like at 14?

Q.   hey guys. im 14 years old and ive had a sertain problem for a while now. but ive never had the corrage to tell any one about it.. but thats not what i need to know. im not sure if its normall but ive had a very strong fishy sent coming from m...

A.   10 January 2010: Hi - Sounds like a Thrush [Candida] infection. Very common and easily cured. Often develops if you have had a course of antibiotics. Go to your doctor as things will be totally confidential. ... (read in full...)

Should I lose my V-card to my cousin?

Q.   the thing is is that i want to have sex ( lose my viginity to ) with my older cousin. he is only older than me by 2 years and we are very close. he shows me love and we kiss and he fingers me and once got close to having sex. i love my cousin ...

A.   21 December 2009: Many people feel close to their cousins. I feel close to my younger female cousin. There is no legal reason why you ought not to have a relationship and little risk to any baby which might be born as a result. I'm sure you will feel more relaxed ... (read in full...)

I've fallen in love with someone I cant have, and its my cousin! What should I do?

Q.   Hi everyone, this is really hard for me to say, and I know some of you will mock me but I have nowhere else to turn, I have to ask these questions, and I need the anonymity of the Internet. I don't believe you can ask somebody to control who they ...

A.   15 December 2009: A lot depends on how she feels obviously. In the UK there is no law against cousins marrying - if that was the case the Royal Family would have problems! Any children born from cousins have a 96% chance of being born totally normal. Of course how ... (read in full...)

No period for 2 months--am I pregnant?

Q.   Well, last October me and my boyfriend had sex. I am getting a little bit worried that I may be pregnant. I havent had my period for two whole stinkin months!!! Could i be pregnant? I'm 14 and I can barely take care of myself. Help please?...

A.   10 December 2009: Go to a Family Planning Clinic [the US equivalent] and explain the situation. Alternatively carry out a home pregnancy test. You need to go on the Pill ideally if you are not pregnant. Anxiety can delay your period. If you are pregnant then you ... (read in full...)

This married man is bad for me but I can't get him out of my head!

Q.   Hi everyone, well i have been dating this guy for more than a year now. after 6 months in the relationship i found out he was married to which he said 'he was not with the wife anymore, he goes home just for the kids', I left him, he came begging ...

A.   7 December 2009: You know what you have to do I suspect. You must leave and get another job. I know that is very hard at the moment but, if you want to get your life sorted out, there is no alternative. Work affairs are usually trouble. Your boss is exploiting ... (read in full...)

Is this a good start to a relationship?

Q.   Ok I haven't been with my boyfriend that long.. and we've only known eachother for about 2 months but I'd do this with other boys I've known and been with longer aswell.. Basically I don't mind If he watches porn or kinda silly flirts with other gi...

A.   6 December 2009: I agree! Seems like an excellent attitude for you both to have. You can still flirt and have fun. Jealousy can be really destructive in relationships. Good luck :-)... (read in full...)

14 and want a baby...

Q.   Im 14 and i really want a baby. i know this sounds stupid at my age but its all i think about. i havent had a good education at school so far but i think if i have a baby it will be great. just somebody to love to be there for to give it a cuddle ...

A.   30 November 2009: It's fairly normal for teenage girls to want a baby of their own - with some that drive is stronger than others especially if school does not offer them much. In fact my own daughter was the same as you and did get pregnant although a few years ... (read in full...)

Having unprotected sex, could I be pregnant? I know I've been stupid, so no lectures please!

Q.   i have been with my boyfriend for eight months and we have been having unprotected sex (dont lecture me) i know i have been so stupid, i should no better as i use to be a really safe girl and would never sleep with a boy without a condom. we dont ...

A.   25 November 2009: The main thing is that you are in a good relationship with your boyfriend. Even if you are pregnant its not the worst thing that can happen to you. Its natural for girls to risk getting pregnant when they are in love. The same thing happened to ... (read in full...)

Only 23 and already slept with 40 men, I cant stop cheating!

Q.   iam a 23 year old woman who had slept with about 40 men and am not proud of it, but i cant seem to stop and i need help, i cant stay faithful to one man coz i have a six year relationship that is terrible and my partner cant seem to care and dont ...

A.   24 November 2009: You need to get rid of the boyfriend. However you are using sex as a way of escaping from your general unhappy state and also getting love and affection. Like other things sex can be an addiction. I did a similar thing when my first wife took my ... (read in full...)

I had a one night stand with my cousin!

Q.   hello, there is no one else i can talk to about what im going to tell. what ive done is illegal and could get me into alot of trouble, here is my story. okay so my cousin moved in with me my brother and my mom at the be...

A.   22 November 2009: I'm totally sure sex with cousins in the UK is not illegal. Otherwise half the Royal family would be on a charge! It's natural for cousins to be attracted to each other quite often. Stop being so hard on yourself things happen. However... (read in full...)

I want a baby and I don't care what my bf thinks! Is this bad to think this way?

Q.   is this a bad way of thinking? if i want a baby i dont care what he [my boyfriend of six months] thinks if he wants to be around then he can if not then oh well? i can financially support a child on my own as well.. cuz the more i think about it...

A.   21 November 2009: Its normal for many girls to think about having babies. There is often no ideal time to have one but having a baby when young is easier in some ways than later on in life. You are closer to your baby in age as it grows up. Certainly it would help ... (read in full...)

Am I a slut?

Q.   Am I a slut? A few people have said it to me and sometimes my friends say it, in a jokey way, but I think they kinda mean it sometimes. I'm 16, I've only ever had 1 proper boyfriend and we went together for about a year. About 10 months in...

A.   20 November 2009: Hi - well "no" is the answer to your question. Lots of other girls your age will have done the same as you and worse. However girls often bitchy at your age and calling you a "slut" takes the attention away from them! Don't stress about name ... (read in full...)

I missed a few pills, unprotected sex, and now I'm worried!

Q.   this a bit of a hard and weird question to be asking but i am a bit worried, i am on the contraceptive pill and obviously i have missed a few pills in the month that i am now in and on the 16th nov a few days ago i had unprotected sexual ...

A.   19 November 2009: Hi - you could be pregnant it depends on a number of factors such as the stage in your Cycle when you had sex, how long you have been on the Pill in total, how many pills you missed and so on. With older females you would probably get away with it ... (read in full...)

I love him but his behaviour is emotionally draining. Please help.

Q.   I have been accused, verbally abused, and physically attacked by my boyfriend of three years. I have never once been unfaithful in my thoughts or actions in the short time I've been here on this earth - it's just not in my character. ...

A.   17 November 2009: Simple answer to this is that you get out and fast! Girls get manipulated too much by guys who are good at using their fists on them. Ultimately some get killed. I have known one who was sadly. He does not love you. You must get physical... (read in full...)

I need help to stop masturbating

Q.   i am a 21 year old gal and i masturbate a lot. i know its wrong and i wish to stop. however i keep succumbing to temptation. i have a loving boyfriend and we have a decent sex life. i wish to limit myself only to him. and stop all with watching or ...

A.   15 November 2009: Agreed - there is nothing wrong with masturbation. It is natural, necessary and fun! Even your boyfriend probably does it? :-) Just relax and enjoy your sessions.... (read in full...)

My first cousin got me pregnant!

Q.   I need advice... I did something extremely stupid one night after one too many and it resulted in my pregnancy. The complicated issue here is that the father is also my first cousin he is my fathers nephew (hes my aunts son). After more...

A.   3 November 2009: The odds are heavily in your favour that the baby will be healthy. So try and get a grip on the situation. A lot depends on how you feel about the baby? Also how does your cousin feel about you? Does he love you, like you or was it a totally ... (read in full...)

How do you give love bites?

Q.   Hi, I'm still a virgin and me and my boyfriend have decided to have sex soon. I just wanted to know how to make love bites (hickey )....and how can i make our sex enjoyable so that my boyfriends keeps on asking for more sex.........

A.   2 November 2009: Love bites are given by sucking using your lips. Maybe later on a little teeth too if your lover enjoys the slight pain! Have fun!... (read in full...)

What could it be?

Q.   Hey, Me And My Boyfriedn Was Having Sex And He Said it Hurt When He Cumed But He Dont Want 2 Get Checked Out :/ But a Few Weeks Later i Had a Yellow Liquid In My Nikers And It Smelt Really Bad i Just Wanted 2 No If Thats Normal Because We Did Use a ...

A.   31 October 2009: Hi - it can be a Yeast infection [Thrush]. Very common. A good idea is to go to a Family Planning Clinic and let them take a swab for testing. It will be Confidential. Good luck :-)... (read in full...)

Why is my vagina swollen shut?

Q.   okay a few months ago i started having problems with my vag it was swollen shut an there was redness an some irritation so i went to the doctor an i was treated for a yeast infection after i was okay test results came out fine sometime after this ...

A.   30 October 2009: Yeast infections are very common and cause a wide range of problems. Those can take a long time to go and can also come back again. Check websites for Candida Good luck :-)... (read in full...)

My cousin and I are in love!

Q.   ok i dont know where or who to turn to! ive done some research online and i kept getting similar questions on this sight! here's my 23 and my cousin is 28 we are very close we talk about everything....infact we even told each other how ...

A.   25 October 2009: Personally I see no problem. Go for it! Obviously it will take a little time for some family members to accept your relationship but they will in time. Good luck... (read in full...)

I want a child of my own but everyone says not yet!

Q.   Hey, i feel so strange, im in college at the moment, in my last year. me and my best mate are both in serious relationships, she always says how she would never have a baby at this age and she thinks its stupid, however, i would do anything to be ...

A.   18 October 2009: Hi q1605 - in the UK "the last year in college" usually means the girl is 17. While that is young its above the legal age of consent and some 17 year olds do make a very good mum's. I was not recommending that she has a baby without a lot of ... (read in full...)

I want a child of my own but everyone says not yet!

Q.   Hey, i feel so strange, im in college at the moment, in my last year. me and my best mate are both in serious relationships, she always says how she would never have a baby at this age and she thinks its stupid, however, i would do anything to be ...

A.   18 October 2009: Hi I think that many teenage girls want to a mum early. In most cases they would do better to wait until they are older. However there are a some girls where getting pregnant early is all they want to do. My advice would be to think very car... (read in full...)

Does neck and full on kissing mean more?

Q.   Hi everyone and please dont have a moan at me for writing this but im in a very confused mind at the moment, basically i still talk to y ex bf who has a gf, they are not getting on and bascically one day this week we slept together, we have done it ...

A.   17 October 2009: Generally kissing means a greater depth of feeling than even sex. That's one reason many prostitutes don't kiss their clients! Hard to say what the guy really feels about you but you do need to be aware that your feelings are maybe being ma... (read in full...)

Please please help!!!!! Me and my close cousin are in love!

Q.   Ok so I am a teenager... Just a teen, my cousin, who I've always had a huge crush on lives in ca and I live in florida... He and my uncle recently stayed at my grandmas house this summer for twomonths... I stayed with them... The whole time my uncle ...

A.   11 October 2009: I am also very close to my female cousin although we both have partners. A lot depends on the law where you live. In the UK there is no barrier to cousins marrying for example. Also the risk of any birth defects, if you have a baby, is small. An ... (read in full...)

He pulled out and released on my rly rly rly thin PJ shorts, could I be pregnant?

Q.   im new to this site but id really appreciate some advice here. ok so last night me and my boyfriend had sex. (im 16 hes 19 just by the way). we were at my house, and got in the mood so we started messing around and just ended up having sex. im not ...

A.   3 October 2009: Hi - it really depends on how fertile you were at the time. If you were ovulating then the risk is higher of course. If not then the odds are probably that you are not pregnant. Erotic as it is to have sex without protection you will get pregnant ... (read in full...)

I'm 14 and pregnant, help!

Q.   I am 14 pregnant to a 17 year old it was a drunken mistake, i am 1 month gone and not showing yet only small bump no one knows, i have already got morning sickness (i dont know why they call it this i'm sick throughout the day) i cant get rid of i...

A.   3 October 2009: Well done! Delighted its going well. Such a massive change in a girls life but has so many rewards. ... (read in full...)

I'm in love with my older male cousin

Q.   Okay.... I have a cousin complex. Meaning, I'm in love with my cousin. We never saw each other in a couple of months(maybe even years) so I don't know how he looks like in awhile. But yesterday(09.27.09)at my other cousin's(his older brother's)...

A.   29 September 2009: Hi I think its fairly common to be attracted to cousins. I have feelings for my own female cousin. Most likely you just have a crush on your cousin but there is no need to feel bad about it. Just enjoy his company. Good luck :-)... (read in full...)

I'm 14 and pregnant, help!

Q.   I am 14 pregnant to a 17 year old it was a drunken mistake, i am 1 month gone and not showing yet only small bump no one knows, i have already got morning sickness (i dont know why they call it this i'm sick throughout the day) i cant get rid of i...

A.   15 September 2009: Congratulations!!! You are going to be one very busy mum! You have a good selection of names there. My daughter is pregnant now also. Big totally life changing event having kids! Good luck :-)... (read in full...)

I cheated on my b/f and want to tell him

Q.   I cheated on my bf. He never found out and now i want to work on the relationship, but i feel it might be too late. What do i do? should i continue, tell him the truth im soo confused. Ive learned from my mistake, im hurting bc i ended the affair ...

A.   8 September 2009: Hi - Personally I think you need to decide what you want. If you want to make a go of the relationship I would not say anything about cheating on him. At the same time you need to try and stop torturing yourself about it. Work to make things b... (read in full...)

I need reassurance that I'm NOT pregnant!

Q.   Hi, i hope you can reassure me that i'm not pregnant because it really is the last thing i need right now. I had unprotected sex 3rd July, and i was getting ALOT of signs of pregnancy, even to what i thought was implantation bleeding (light ...

A.   4 September 2009: Hi - very hard to say one way or the other but there is obviously a chance of pregnancy. Maybe go to a Family Planning Clinic rather than your doctor? They tend to be less stressful. Good luck.... (read in full...)

What do men prefer thongs or knickers?

Q.   Okay this is kind of two questions in one, but bare with me. First of all I'm in a relationship with a guy who's 4 years older than me (I'm 15, he's 19) but I met him because he's my best friend's brother, so I got to know him around his family, so ...

A.   25 August 2009: No right or wrong answer to these questions. Some guys like shaved and some like the natural look. Equally some like knickers and some prefer thongs. You need to find out what your guy[s] like. :-) The trend now is for clean shaven and thongs ... (read in full...)

Baby on the do I stop freaking out about every little thing?

Q.   me and my most recent ex are having a baby together, but we are not together anymore. we have discussed getting back together and want to make it work for the baby (plus we still love eachother). the thing is that i freak out on him about stupid ...

A.   25 August 2009: Hi - not easy to do unfortunately. Due to your hormones being all over the place you will feel very moody at times. Hardly helped by having split with your baby's dad. Although that is better than having even more arguments if you tried to stay ... (read in full...)

Do I contact the married man I had an affair with or leave it?

Q.   Ok here goes,im worried about asking this question to my friends as im frightened of there reaction. Three years ago i had an affair with a married man,i was married too and not long given birth,my husband was an alcoholic,i was suffering with pos...

A.   20 August 2009: My answer will not be popular with some however I would contact the guy again. You need to find out if you can make something good happen for you both. If it does not work out, or he does not leave his wife, then at least you tried and know that ... (read in full...)

I'm pregnant and have just found out my boyfriend has another 3 babies on the way!

Q.   I'm pregnant by my boyfriend. I told him he wants nothing to do with the child. Found out he has 3 babies on the way. I don't want a abortion because I had one when I was younger. I just turned 30 years old. He's 26 years old. I've been seeing him ...

A.   19 August 2009: Cut the rat out of your life totally. However he still ought to pay support and I would see a lawyer about that. Once proved money can be taken out of his wages. He treated you very badly and you need to ensure that he faces up to his financial ... (read in full...)

Could overworking be the reason for our family troubles?

Q.   Does spending too much time with working ,but not enough time with family and wife,can cause family crises? Can it be the reason of my kids drug addiction,and my husband's impotence? He works 12 hours a day,7 days a week. Is this possible that ...

A.   9 August 2009: Basically "yes" is the answer. Work is not good for your health as you get older certainly for guys. Stress can result in all sorts of problems. In any case in your 50's its very common to have difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. ... (read in full...)

I'm 14 and pregnant, help!

Q.   I am 14 pregnant to a 17 year old it was a drunken mistake, i am 1 month gone and not showing yet only small bump no one knows, i have already got morning sickness (i dont know why they call it this i'm sick throughout the day) i cant get rid of i...

A.   20 February 2009: These things happen. You need to get to a family planning clinic who will be totally confidential. Then ask for help. The three month Pill is the obvious way to go. You also need to go on the BC Pill to prevent the same thing happening again. ... (read in full...)

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