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Baby on the do I stop freaking out about every little thing?

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Question - (25 August 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 26 August 2009)
A female United States age 30-35, *arasu10 writes:

me and my most recent ex are having a baby together, but we are not together anymore. we have discussed getting back together and want to make it work for the baby (plus we still love eachother). the thing is that i freak out on him about stupid stuff, and i dont know why i do it. how do i avoid more problems and stop freaking out on him about every little thing?

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A male reader, Ifyoudontmind United States +, writes (26 August 2009):

Dont force a relationship for the well being of the baby, but if you really do love each other, you can work through problems.

I am a firm believer in the fact you never get dealt more than you can handle. Its all some convoluted plan honestly. Try to assess the situations and play pro vs con, it one outweighs the other, there is your answer.

Hope it helps


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A female reader, hlskitten United Kingdom +, writes (25 August 2009):

hlskitten agony auntI agree with Greg. Those hormones are all over the place enough as it is. Must be a struggle to have a problem with your relationship going on at the same time. Once the baby is here, you wont have time to be worrying about him! Your priorities will all change.

Good luck x

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A male reader, greg290352 United Kingdom +, writes (25 August 2009):

greg290352 agony auntHi - not easy to do unfortunately. Due to your hormones being all over the place you will feel very moody at times. Hardly helped by having split with your baby's dad. Although that is better than having even more arguments if you tried to stay together only for the sake of the baby. Good luck :-)

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