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Never felt this feeling before about I go after what I want or walk away?

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Question - (29 August 2014) 1 Answers - (Newest, 29 August 2014)
A female United States age 22-25, *yti writes:

Its like he does something to me that I've never experienced before. How he makes me feel when we're together is amazing. Like I'm automatically happy. When we'd be together its like he'd give me this instant high and I wasn't under the influence of something. That's all I needed was to be in his presence like I'd instantly be on cloud nine and no one could ruin it. But I felt like we instantly clicked the first time we hung out which was back in Feb. Like he has this affect on me, to where I am completely myself around him and that was when we first started talking back in Feb. I'd never felt that before. Ever.

And I am absolutely ready to take it to the next level I want to be more than friends, I want him to be mine and I want to be his.

But I don't know whether I should express this to him again because the first time I did, I didn't get much of a response it was very unclear. But no guy I have ever been getting know in the past, has made me feel the way he does I'm not in love lol I'm just so comfortable around him.

We first met in 2012 my freshman year, but I wasn't really interested in him, but that changed back in Feb when we caught up with each other and he had came out as Greek. My biggest concern is that now since he is a Kappa and is starting to experience that Greek life, he's not use to all the attention.

Because he was cute and shy and quiet when we first met which I liked, but now he has all this attention, from females especially. Part of me feels like he doesn't want to be anything serious right now because of all this attention he's getting from female groupies, he isn't use to it. Like when he's out at an event he behaves completely different like he thinks he's all that and is full of himself which I hate. I wish he had never came out as Greek to be honest.

I have no clue what to do. Pursue him, follow my heart, and go after what I really want which is him or just walk away because he's not ready and wants to enjoy all of this female attention his senior year of college?

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A male reader, WiseOwlE United States + , writes (29 August 2014):

After all that you say, why hasn't he shown any interest in the romantic-sense?

By all means make your move, and see if there is anything there. Nothing ventured nothing gained. All he can say is no, and then it's off the table.

You did try before; but he didn't seem particularly interested. Let that gauge your feelings. Don't set your heart on anything, or allow infatuation to overcome you.

He's had every opportunity since, to let you know if he wanted to date. Seems to me that he has placed you in the friend-zone. If he's getting full of himself; maybe now isn't a good time anyway.

At best, give it a try. Find out if there is any possibility of dating; then you'll be able to move on without allowing yourself to gush allover this guy, if there is no chance anything will come of it. There is a caveat to dating a frat-boy. You already know this.

It would be good practice going for what you want, building your confidence, and growing some immunity to rejection. I've been shot down a few times, and it sucks. I dust myself off, and just move on. Ego-bruised, but alive. They're loss! No hard feelings here. Plenty of fish in the sea!

You shouldn't let the fear of rejection deny you the chance to ask someone out. Self-defeat is the worst kind of rejection. Denying yourself before knowing the outcome. Just remember, the first attempt didn't work. This should be our final-attempt. Don't frustrate yourself.

The only thing that should stop you is if a guy shows no signs of attraction, looks like a serial-killer, already has a girlfriend; or you discover he's really a jerk.

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