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I need some tips on talking dirty, to turn her on.

Q.   As stupid as this sounds, i don't know how to dirty talk. Can anyone give me some things to say because she told me she loves it when i dirty talk but i honestly suck at it....

A.   26 March 2011: What do you want to do to her? Imagine exactly what you would do-every detail. Girls generally like detail when it comes to things like that. Just tell her about your fantasies and what would you do, what you would want to touch first, and how you ... (read in full...)

Could I get pregnant doing this?

Q.   okay so i want to remain a vargin until marrige but my boyfriend doesnt so we do mess around. He has rubbed his penis around my anus area and almost by my vaginal area i just want to make sure that there is no way i can get pregnant unless the penus ...

A.   27 February 2011: There is actually a small chance of pregnancy if he puts his penis near your vagina. Even if he didn't ejaculate, some precum does have sperm in it and can make its way inside. Even though its only a small chance, it still is possible. ... (read in full...)

Which guy wants me for me?

Q.   I have been infatuated with this guy for about 6 months now.. i asked him out twice in the time i liked him, and even though i knew it was wrong, i used to sext (sex text) him, but recently, i moved on, though i still love him. I now fancy another ...

A.   27 February 2011: I'm sorry to say it sounds like they're only interested in one thing...I would recommend saying no to the sexting sometime and seeing what happens. Once you take out that you'll know what they're actually interested in. Also, if you're sending ... (read in full...)

What are the indicators that can help me read if she is interested in me?

Q.   My friend that is a girl, im a girl to and i really like her but i am not sure if she likes me i keep getting mixed signals...she's the sarcastic funny random type and i wanted to know if anyone had any tips on how i could figure out if she's ...

A.   26 February 2011: I've actually been in a similar situation. I had for a long time been thinking about what it would be like to kiss another girl. My friend and I had some of those moments where it seemed (at least to me) that we were both thinking about it. One day ... (read in full...)

I can't seem to attract female attention!

Q.   I'm 17, 18 in 4 weeks and I haven't been in a relationship in the past 6 years. :( I don't know what it is about me that means I can't attract any female attention, but for some reason it's happening... Truthfully, I'm not one to spe...

A.   25 February 2011: It seems like you just need to just let them know that you are interested in having a relationship with them earlier on. Ask them on a date or something. There was this guy I really liked once, we'd talk a lot but he never made it seem like he ... (read in full...)

Best friend has a boyfriend now! And we're drifting apart..what can I do?

Q.   Recently my best friend got a boyfriend [her first boyfriend] and she spends a lot of time with him, which i don't mind. But it just seems that i'm being left behind, we're best friends, live really near to each other and have are really close. ...

A.   25 February 2011: Try to plan things with her in advance, tell her that you've missed spending so much time with her. Really talking about it is best, and since you're really close she should understand. I would recommend keeping away from saying that she spends too ... (read in full...)

He stopped calling me! Do I wait this out or do I call him?

Q.   my boyfriend is not calling me or texting me and i dont know what happend its been a week now ,i am afraid to call him because he might think i can not live without him ,should i call him or i must wait until he calls?please help...

A.   25 February 2011: well how long have you been dating? and did you get in an argument or anything before?... (read in full...)

How do I kiss correctly?

Q.   Im 17 and I've never kissed a girl before. Although I've been in a few relationships before. And now I have a different girlfriend. She is 17 and told me she can kiss, so i lied and told her I can also kiss. I believe that I really love her and I ...

A.   25 February 2011: Just go with what feels natural to do. But know that a kiss isn't just about the lips, its the entire effect from the anticipation at the beginning to where your hands are (waist is usually best). If you really love do love her you'll kiss her with ... (read in full...)

I'm loosing the weight, but are there good ways to remove stretch marks? And are there any good confidence boosters?

Q.   Hey Everyone! Let me begin my question by saying that on January 2nd, 2011, I, a 15 year old girl residing in New York, stepped onto a scale that weighed me in at 204.5 pounds. I immediately stripped off all of my clothing and looked into the ...

A.   25 February 2011: I have had a similar problem with stretch marks. I used bio oil which works, but after some time. As long as you apply it twice a day every day for a few months they will go away. (i kept forgetting so it took longer for me, but as long as you keep ... (read in full...)

What difference would ADHD make to a relationship?

Q.   How would a relationship be...if the guy i like has ADHD? I mean i didn't even know he had it until he told me that was the reason for him forgetting some stuff. I like him and he says he likes me to, but just wants to get to know me better. ...

A.   25 February 2011: ADHD won't change someones feelings about another person. My best friend is actually dating someone with ADHD and their relationship is pretty normal (however he is a little dependent on her but this is because of other aspects of their relationship ... (read in full...)

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