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I want to feel my girlfriend's boobs!

Q.   Hey I was just wandering I'm still a virgin and I've never felt boobs. What do they feel like and what would be the best way to feel my girlfriend's tits that would make her happy?...

A.   27 February 2009: Hey boobs are great, be soft and gentle, unless the girl you are with likes it rougher. But make sure you have permission first, ask her and, try on top first after you are both usedd to it, make sure she is, on top of bra, then under it...and there ... (read in full...)

Does the size a woman's boobs matter to men?

Q.   I am worried... I have small boobs and that the guy I like won't find me attractive becasue of it, does the size a woman's boobs matter to men? Is there anything I can do to make me feel more attractive in front of my guy and is there anything I ...

A.   27 February 2009: I am a guy :P, I like boobs, gods best creation, but size is not everything. I dont like it when boobs are too big coz you cannot see the girls face. Trust me, if you have a good persona then you will find someone, if not then they are idiots :)... (read in full...)

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