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How do I fix my relationship?

Q.   I have never asked advice online before so here I go. I have been dating a girl for a year and a half now. I hav lied to her on countless occasions on stupid stuff. I am 31 and she is 40. She has 2 teenagers that live with us. We have always worked ...

A.   17 May 2009: first of all, admiting you need help is good however, you need to stop drinking as this is causing all of your arguments. you love this woman, but you need to think what effect your arguing has on her children? im suprised she has stayed ... (read in full...)

Suddenly there is this distance between us. I don't know what went wrong!

Q.   I m 18 year old.n in luv wth a classmate of mine for past 8 year. nothng changed but i dont know why a distance grew betweem us. he is the same but i dont know what went wrong? ...

A.   17 May 2009: this question doesn't make much sense. does he feel the same way as you? does he know how u feel? if he knows and doesn't feel the same way, maybe he's distancing himself so he doesn't hurt you or, if he feels the same way maybe he's not inte... (read in full...)

How can I apologise to my wife for the blunder I made 10 years ago?

Q.   I need help to stop this major fighting I'm having with my wife. We're married over 10 years, and I did something stupid over 10 years ago when we were first married (no I didn't cheat). One of my stupid friends who's known us since before we were ...

A.   22 April 2009: OMG how can you think that it was a good idea? She probably feels embaressed and ashamed of what shes done. when she shouts at you, take it, Im sorry but u deserve it. Granted it was over a decade ago but she only just found out recently. This i... (read in full...)

How can I confront her in order to make things better?

Q.   Sorry in advance that this is so long. Here's something I'd like some advice on. I've been thinking about this a bit, and it's just been something on my mind the last few days and something I'd like answered. I started talking to this girl the...

A.   22 April 2009: dude, youre blowing this way outta proportion your friend is clearly a dick and thats reflected badly on you, i think she feels embaressed more than anything talk to her, youll know what to say when u see her but dont make this more of an is... (read in full...)

Worlds apart but too close for comfort

Q.   I am 18 years old and have been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years. However, I have known this other man for 6 years over the internet. We've met up before and it was amazing, although nothing happened, I feel like I've betrayed my boyfriend. I...

A.   22 April 2009: thankyou for your advice. but i love my boyfriend and i forgot to mention hes no angel either... (read in full...)

Am I imagining it... or does he like me?

Q.   Does he like me or am I imagining it? I've had the same tutor for a couple of years and there seems to be some serious chemistry between us (I think??). In my first year, he complimented me on my looks a lot and praised me for my work and is noto...

A.   22 April 2009: it could be that he likes you but he may feel uncomfortable with you as he is your tutor! what your doing is not wrong but i think you need to wait and see if anything else happens, and always make sure that what happens is what you want... (read in full...)

Lesbian cheats on girlfriend with boy

Q.   I have a really big problem and I am so upset by it I think I'm going to therapy. On Sunday I got at 5:52 a.m. a call from my girlfriend. She was sobbing and screaming and saying something that I couldn't understand. I thought she was saying s...

A.   22 April 2009: she had sex with her brother? maybe because she was so wasted she didnt realise what she was doing and she was too drunk to consent. what this boy did was wrong and he shouldnt have taken advantage of her like this. this is clearly a rape and you ... (read in full...)

Help!!! Who do I choose?

Q.   Dear Cupid, I'm in love with a guy who I've just met and all my friends like him as a friend and think he's "Mr. Right." I'm kinda thinking that too and I know he likes me too and then there's this other guy that I've known and never thought I'd ...

A.   22 April 2009: youve said your in love with both of these men. you need to think who would make u happy? and since uve called this first guy "Mr.Right" then i think he is who you should choose, are you sure that either of these men like you back? if so, give it ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend cheated... should I forgive?

Q.   Okay so here is my dilemma... I have been dating my boyfriend now for about 3 1/2 years. He cheated on me once when we first started dating with a girl he has always had a crush on but never got the chance to see if it would work with her. All h...

A.   22 April 2009: chuck him. im sorry but what he did was disgusting. hes had his fun and youve taken him back. this is wrong, he needs to know that its not okay. if he loved you, he would even think about sleeping with this other woman. it seems to me that he only ... (read in full...)

I hate what he did to me...

Q.   I need more advice please especially from people who have actually been there done that type of thing.... ok so is been about 2 weeks now my bf and I broke up, I went to the club this weekend and found him there with another girl, of course I fought ...

A.   22 April 2009: i feel for you as break ups are hard but the important thing to remember is that things WILL get better. ive felt this way before and i was in a mentally abusive relationship, i felt i couldnt live without him and i did things im not proud of. but ... (read in full...)

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