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My ex says he doesn't want me back, but acts as if he owns me! What do you guys think of this?

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Question - (2 November 2008) 6 Answers - (Newest, 2 November 2008)
A female United Kingdom age 36-40, anonymous writes:

Last nite i went somewhere with my ex, and his sister a local place, but for someone who said he didnt want to get back with me was very strange, he wispered something in mt ear as in cheak to cheak like he was going to give me a kiss, then he looked down my top in which i said you cant do that anymore he said yes i can there by boobs, then he hit my bum with the snooker cew,

When we split we used to talk everyother day but since last monday we've spoken every single day

He said he dosnt want a realtionship for a bit,

Am i getting the wrong signels from him about this maybe hes just being friendly,

Oh and i also sleept with him last wednesday i no it was wrong but it just happened

What do you guys think

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A female reader, Cheater32 United States +, writes (2 November 2008):

Cheater32 agony auntI agree with one of other post he wants SEX that's it. He does not want to deal with the relationship side of things. Make no mistake we are all week at times sexually it happens but if u continue to sleep with him u are giving him the benefit of having u for sex and that's it.

I hope this helps a little.

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A female reader, Oblivia Sweden +, writes (2 November 2008):

Oblivia agony auntHi,

I think he takes you for granted. I think he knows that you will be around even though, and this way he can both have you and still see others since he has told you he doesn't want a relationship, has "been honest" with you. Looks like a perfect place for him to be in.

Surprise him by taking power over the situation. Your boobs are yours to use to whatever you want with whoever you want and he has nothing more to do with them. Walk away and you will meet other, much better guys than him.

And don't worry about the fact you slept with him, we can all be weak at times, and now you know better, you know you deserve better than him.

Good luck!

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A female reader, Butterflyfly United Kingdom +, writes (2 November 2008):

Butterflyfly agony auntImagine you can not stand him, physically,then try to not dissapoint him when he is in close proximity and wants to get touchy feely. You know how it is when you can not stand someone.. you can not bear them to touch you, but you're too nice to tell them to their face, instead your behaviour creates than uncomfortable tension. He willpick up on that. See how he reacts then! Also, you might discover by doing this exercise, by seeing things through this lense, that he is not 'all that' anyway!

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A female reader, Butterflyfly United Kingdom +, writes (2 November 2008):

Butterflyfly agony auntHe is definitely using you for sex.. He shows no respect.. Maybe you can get back at him making him believe that he is not as attractive as he thinks he is anyway, play the 'aarrgh yukkkkk' game, but in a sublte way lol. Like, for example, pretend you are trying hard to like him and give him forced 'polite' smiles. See how cocky he is then. Err I might be too mischievour here. But don't some men deserve this treatment!!!!Or else just cut all contact!!

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A female reader, happytochat Australia +, writes (2 November 2008):

Your ex bf is just using you for sex. He wants the sex, all the action, without the hard work and commitment of a real relationship.

You can do so much better then him! Please see what he is doing. Him staring down your top and calling them his boobs, and slapping you on the arse is not just 'being friendly'. Would you do that to your boss? Ah no. Because its more then being just friendly!!!

You need to cut all physicall contact with him. Dont let him use you like this anymore. Tell him where the boundary is. Spell it out for him if you have to and say he cannot touch you at all, neverless sleep with you anymore.

I get the feelign that you may still have feelings ofr him, and want him back and that is why you slept with him even though the relationship ended? If this is true, you need to realise that if you continue to do this you will only get more hurt.

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A female reader, Emilysanswers United Kingdom +, writes (2 November 2008):

He's using you for sex sweetie.

As soon as you stop seeing him and talking to him and letting him do all these things then he will go away.

Cut him out of your life and move on.

He clearly still wants sex with you but he has also stated he has no interest in a relationship.

He'll get annoyed with you if you talk to other guys but then he will think nothing of going off with other girls.

Don't let him hurt you like this.

Tell him goodbye and then cut contact.

Good Luck!! xx

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