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I hate working with my ex and seeing her new, male friend doing all the things we used to do!

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Question - (31 July 2006) 2 Answers - (Newest, 13 August 2006)
A male , *oCrap14 writes:

Hi All,

Please help me!

Me and my ex are working in the same office.

We were seeing each other for aboutr a month, (this is 6 months back)and after a month she broke up with me. Since then, initially we were not in talking terms at all. I still love her like hell!! A lot! I tried to stay away just to forget her, later accepting the fact that we are in the same workplace and unfortunately, the same prroject, we can't do without meeting each other every day. So she proposed me to let's stay as normal friends.

But in a while sometimes she added statements like, 'You are my best buddy' and I mean a lot to her and stuff like that.

Although we were not seeing each other, I still liked her company and didn't mind that we were close in just talking.

She used to talk to me when she wanted and ignored me when she didn't but I didnt mind as I really loved her a lot!

but now, somehow, there is a new guy that has come up in her life, who is just a friend as of now. Everything she used to do to me, is now done with him. She messages him, she calls him, she goes on lunch with him, though she clearly says he is not her boyfriend!

I feel so lonely and alone.

For no reasons she has stopped being the same to me.

Trust me, I am not at fault, but when I go and talk to her, that she is not doing good to me.

She says outrightly "There is nothing wrong I have done to you. I feel like talking to this guy now, so I will and when I feel like talking to you, I will talk to you!"

She even messaged me one "you might have 1000 friends, but for me, I have very few and you are the most special."

Now she just doesn't talk to me the way she used to. She calls me once in a blue moon and msgs me, just once a day. I feel very lonely and upset, feel like no one is there for me.

please help me!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (13 August 2006):

sorry man, but shes sleeping with that other guy. she'll tell you shes not with him cause she wants to have you around as her "security blanket" for when things go wrong. My ex is doing the same with me. I know shes doing it, but I haven't been able to break away from it yet. I suspect that time is coming soon though, I'm pretty fed up.

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A female reader, ke11y1 +, writes (1 August 2006):

ke11y1 agony auntI just posted a work related relationship question! Except, I excepted nothing was going to come of us again and work waasn't that hard ...this was hard days and there still is, like the time he brought a new girl to work. But you move on and maintain aquantiences. Not enough time has passed for a friendship. This girl is not ready to settle down with you. So move on don't be bitter to her and trust me she will take notice, it worked for me. But now I'm completly over it all and I could care less about my work ex. Work relationships are tricky but don't let her be the tricker. DOn't by into her messages, I'm sure she cares about you but if she doesnt want ot be w u she needs to let you go and if she cant see that you need to do it for yourself! I'm female I know how girls work. Find a hobby and go date other girls your not alone but you need to stop obsessing over the situation or it takes over your mind and then you end up finding out stuff that she's doing now that will only hurt you worse.

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