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Behavioural problems???

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Question - (29 November 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 30 November 2008)
A female United States age 30-35, *arree writes:

I think I have some sort of behaviour issue... I am extremely melodramatic, I have a very short temper and tiny things annoy me... such as mistakes i've made in writing especially in pen it makes me so angry and i often attept to write it agian and agian till i get it right. It's not only the things i do but what people have said to me, lines play over in my mind and i begin to get angry and start repling to them.

I am also very sharp with my parents and don't have much patience however it is completly the opposite at school, people often say i laugh at anything and it's true i am ammused extremly easily plus it is genuine laughter at times i do say inaprioate unecessary mean or just random things to watch peoples expressions because i find it hilarious.

Whenever someone asks me how i am on msn or normal conversation i never give them an honest answer i usally say somthing like 'super' or 'brilliant' I honestly don't know why because half the time i don't feel that way, it's just easier.

Why do i act this way? why am i so erratic? i don't mean to be.

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A female reader, luvy duvy United States +, writes (30 November 2008):

luvy duvy agony auntYes, it helps, but I don't think there is a name for what you have. I think you should talk to your friend and him about it. I think it would help you to get over it all.

I don't think you have ADD or ADHD. I think the way doctors or specialist go about tryin to figure out whether or not a child has ADD or ADHD is stupid.

Supposed children who have it can't stay still, don't pay attention, and speak without thinking. If those are symptoms that means evrerone has or had ADD or ADHD, even though they say it is something that you can't get rid of.

Anways...I think sleeping with him took an emotional affect on you that you have yet to get rid of. Talk about it. Your fine. Evrything is okee dokee artichokee!! :)

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A female reader, Harree United States +, writes (30 November 2008):

Harree is verified as being by the original poster of the question

I recently slept with a friend of mine and things haven't exactly been normal between us and i still really like him... (it's been months now) and i talked about it with my friend and she said that they are able to talk normaly and it's only awkward when i'm around "it's only awkward when your around" that line makes me so so so angry it's unreal i want to scream, she doesn't know i like him so she has no idea it effects the way it does... so i shouldn't really be mad but it constantly replys in my mind and it was only on friday.

I just reply by saying "it's not awkward why the hellll would you say that" or "no, no it's not"

basically its things like that... i have done it for a couple years now. Does that help?

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A female reader, luvy duvy United States +, writes (30 November 2008):

luvy duvy agony auntI really do understand. I need more information to answer your questions to the fullest, though. From what I have read I would say that there is nothing wrong with you as far as telling people you feel super or brilliant when asked how you are. Millions of people do it, and I am one of's not a you thing it's a lot of people.

And...HELLO! You are a teenager. Like 99.9% of us are snappy with are parents and moody and completely different at school. It's what we do, and tons of people have short tempers. It is just something you should learn to control. Oh Yeah...And YOU...ARE...A...GIRL!!! It is perfectly normal.

I also think that writing things over and over is like for things to be perfect...I have friends like that.

But...playin lines over and over in your head is not normal. I really need more info about that because I think I might know, but I don't wont to say something to affend you.

Tell me...Do you have any memory anything or anyone that hurt you emotionally or physically? Do you have any problems with your family or friends? Has it ever been said that you may have an obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD)? How do you reply to the repeating lines in your head? Give examples of the lines.

Please respond when you see this, and I will, hopefully, with an answer.

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