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Hey. Im 16 and i live in east yorshire. im a typical teenager, other than i think im more mature than others my age. i guess im using this website to try and help others who are going through the same things im going/gone through and try to get a better understanding of love. and what it truely means to people of all ages.


My heart aches desperately

Q.   I am embroiled in a passionate affair with a man who once taught me English Literature. I was besotted by him at school, and over the course of my sixth form years developed a close friendhip with him. Our relationship oozed frighteningly powerful ...

A.   11 September 2009: hey, i kinda know what you are going through as i guess i am in the same situation. message me, and we can talk xxx... (read in full...)

Just looking for some good advice.

Q.   I know this just seems like another one of those cliche stories about a student liking a teacher, but that's the way I feel and I can't help that. I'm 18 and I think I have a crush on a teacher who is single and roughly 9 years older. I know that ...

A.   26 April 2009: I think you should tell him after graduatation if your are going to tell him. i told the teacher i liked when i was 14, and i totally regret it now as i was such a kid then and he saw me as a child, as i was still at school sort of thing. once you ... (read in full...)

Help me out of a very weird situation!

Q.   ok here is the deal i meet this guy when i was 10 through my dads friend i have now known him nine years im 19 and he is now 46 he is right now in prison for a drug deal that went wrong i see him every week he is getting out in 3 months we just ...

A.   26 April 2009: If you love him. like rectrofashionista says " follow your heart" Good luck xx... (read in full...)

Should it be allowed for teacher's to date students?

Q.   I've been searching google and stuff, about the laws and reasons of teacher's not being able to date students. I was just wondering what people's views on the law was.... Because, I understand that teacher's are in high authority position and in ...

A.   26 April 2009: I can understand why the law is there. but in some cases, what if the student and teacher do love each other, they act as equals and they teuly cant imagine life without each other. the male teacher is not trying to perv on the student. he wants to ... (read in full...)

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