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Super cautious NOT to get pregnant...

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Question - (30 November 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 30 November 2009)
A female United Arab Emirates age 30-35, *ola29 writes:

My bf and I just had sex for the second time and he made sure the condom was on, every 5 minutes, and when he was about to ejaculate we took it off then i did oral sex on him, when we were done i checked if the condomwas leaking or anything and there wasnt any moisture outside of it. was this a smart thing to do, i know i was being super cautious. i just dont want to fall pregnant.

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A female reader, Ricky2727 United States +, writes (30 November 2009):

Hey you know what? That's a good thing that you're doing. I'm the same way and you have to think that the consequences of being careless with such a simple thing as sexual protection can result in a long term problem... aka a baby. Getting pregnant is a serious thing and it's something every young person should take seriously. But I agree with the other answerer... try going on a birth control pill... if the condom happened to break while you were on it... you'd be just fine as the pill is around 99% effective at stopping unwanted pregnancies and you'd be way more relaxed when having sex.

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A female reader, TasteofIndia United States +, writes (30 November 2009):

TasteofIndia agony auntYou can't be too cautious! But, like the other Aunts say, if you really want to be able to relax and enjoy sex without pausing every five minutes, you should get a second form of birth control to really give you peace of mind.

But, you're a very smart girl and I wish every sexually active person was like you!!

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A female reader, SexySingleMom27 United States +, writes (30 November 2009):

Also, there is emergency contraception available at a pharmacy without prescription if there was an accident and you believe you might be pregnant. In the U.S. you must be at least 17 years old to buy it and it costs about $50. It's not for regular use but is a good back-up if something went wrong. Check if such is available in your region.

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A female reader, old-spinstah United Kingdom +, writes (30 November 2009):

How refreshing it is to hear from a young person who is taking her responsibilities seriously when it comes to protecting herself from pregnany and sexually transmitted disease. On this site we normally hear from people who totally forgot about it until it was too late. Well done to you.

You were probably more cautious than most but that's no bad thing. You do need to check that the condom remains in place during sex and there's no harm in checking it for leaks afterwards either.

If this vigilance is annoying you slightly, you could try practicing another form of contraception in addition to condoms (such as the pill or injection) which would allow you to relax and enjoy the sex a little more.

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