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Just a rant

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Question - (29 July 2022) 4 Answers - (Newest, 2 August 2022)
A female Nigeria age 18-21, anonymous writes:

I just want to rant here.

I get pissed off when I see post about feminist or whatever a man can do a woman can do better.I feel for men who are abused and feel for women who are abused too but majority of the women feel empathy more to the women.I get pissed off by comment on racism that I see in every video with foreigners most especially blacks in Asia,I feel people just think Asia are racist when they ask to touch your hair or looks at you.A lot of videos like that people bash the Asians that they treat foreigners like exotic animals in the world but infact any foreigner in a country populated by black feels asian hair and even looks at them.They think if a black is working for an asian as a cook she is being forced to be a slave.They treat every video they see either it was a mistake or the way the camera was placed with the video of a pet with its owner as abuse, e.g an old man was walking with his pet tortoise with little tortoise on its shell on the street and they old man feet looked like it was bound with the tortoise not knowing they weren't bound and the tortoise was just being guided with the step the man takes.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (2 August 2022):

Why worry about what other people do ?

Treat people fairly men and women . Recognise that overall women DO get murdered, raped and beaten much more often by men than the other way around . That’s reality!

Treat people equally regardless of race but recognise discrimination DOES exist!!!

Rise above it by being an example in treating all people with compassion . Just because the world is flawed doesn’t mean you need to buy into it .

Refuse to treat ANYONE unfairly and move forward with your own moral compass

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A reader, anonymous, writes (2 August 2022):

I meant to say:

"If [you] don't believe the hype, you are unmoved and unaffected by such nonsense."

"I appreciate your rant, because it kills the mean-spirited stereotype that young people your [age] are clueless."

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A reader, anonymous, writes (2 August 2022):

Young people who view the world as you see it, are our future. You see things from different perspectives and wider angles; which is a trait found in future leaders, legal-defenders, judges, or people who aspire to be a "good" politician.

We have to understand the flaws and lowest-points of our human nature. We live in a very opinionated world; and given the platform of the internet and high-tech devices, people can quickly spread lies, insults, and disinformation worldwide.

You are very young, and still developing mentally, intellectually, and emotionally. Logic, judgement, and discernment comes with age, experience, and education. Expanding your knowledge, and exposure to things unfamiliar; will broaden your outlook, how you feel about people, and the things we do.

You are correct, universally, all cultures tend to go from one extreme to another.

Often the media and certain advocates portray women as nothing but the victims of men; and spreading a false-notion that all men are alike, and none can be trusted. That all women are innocent. Further pushing the notion that all women should want to do what men do; and those who don't, are somehow inferior or unintelligent. That is surely not the case; because some women don't like sports, don't want to be masculine, or don't despise her natural femininity. As if being born female is some kind of curse, and being born male gives you a special advantage. If you're don't believe the hype, you are unmoved and unaffected by such nonsense. You succeed in spite of all obstacles in your way. Not to undermine injustices and prejudices towards women. That's an terrible and unfortunate reality, my dear! You should maintain a reasonable compassion and understanding towards men; because we all receive some kind of persecution and misunderstanding of some form or another.

We do have to fault society for double-standards, down-grading the value of being a female, and setting unreachable standards of beauty. It screws up the minds and opinions of both men and women towards each-other. It becomes toxic, and gets passed-down and spread by generations. People who see it like you do, can't change the world; but they can educate and enlighten those receptive to change and truth. God designed truth and goodness to prevail. If you only see things through anger and frustration; you will miss all that which is good. Be very careful!

People like to elevate themselves according to their intellect, race, and national origins. No race is inferior to any other; we simply have different features, hair textures, and skin colors. Under the skin, biologically, we are exactly the same. We have the same kind of organs, blood, bones, muscles, and connective tissues that define us all as human. Nasty hateful degenerate-people want to oppress and destroy other people for their differences; under the false-belief that one race or culture is superior to the other. That's twisted thinking, that has never been proven; but you can't stop a hateful-mind that is willfully ignorant. It is an incurable disease of the soul.

Yes, people like to form a nasty online-mob to attack people without knowing all the facts and details. The same thing happened back in ancient times; when one nation defeated another in war, their captives were enslaved. Innocent people were ostracized or persecuted; and brutally tortured or murdered, for being witches or heretics. Based on nothing but accusations!!! One nation annihilated another for their religious-beliefs; or killed people for no other reason than being different. Though we are technologically-advanced, our human nature has changed very little in these areas, my dear. We still have very primitive instincts when it comes to how we treat those who are different.

In spite of all that I've said, we all share the same faults and weaknesses as humans; so we have to be careful how we judge others. Don't allow injustices and human-weaknesses to make you angry, frustrated, or lose faith in our humanity. You are multiplied by the thousands among people who agree with your rant; and I agree with it too, but I have the experience to know how far I should go with my feelings and opinions.

None of us are without weaknesses and faults; but there are still those among us who strive to be fair, honest, just, and compassionate. That is, as far as it is humanly possible. Only God has the right to condemn and judge us; but even He is forgiving of our sins and wickedness. He is above us, and created us; yet He gives us a chance to atone and repent for our sins.

You are only human, and people will find some fault in you too. You have to know that in your heart, you are ferocious and strong in character. You want to stand-up for righteousness and fairness. Never let go of your outrage with unfairness and injustice; but maintain your compassion for the faults in our human nature. You still want and deserve forgiveness and compassion for your human-error and unintended mistakes.

I appreciate your rant, because it kills the mean-spirited stereotype that young people your are clueless. You give me great hope!

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (1 August 2022):

Honeypie agony auntYou are falling into the same "trap" as the people who piss you off online :)

You can't change other people.

You can't make dumb people smart. Mean people caring. Ignorant people better people, etc. THAT is reality, OP

What you CAN do is ACCEPT that there are dumb people out there, mean people, ignorant people, sexists, classists, etc. they exist, just as YOU exist.

Some grow up, and become better people. Some never do.

Some love to feel outraged over things that have nothing to do with them. Because it is EASIER to see and point at things you "think" is bad because it makes them FEEL like they are "good". Instead of simply BE a good person.

OP, many people are stupid. you can't fix them.

You can, however, BE the person you want to be, be better, do better and laugh at the ignorant idiots. People like that like to live in an echo chamber with people who "think" the same way. Until they grow up or wake up and realize that being outraged doesn't change anything.

Don't waste your time on them. Because it makes you ONE of them. Someone who is outraged to feel better.

Consider what you CAN do that is POSITIVE every day. For you and for others.

You are a deep thinker and you feel deeply. Good. Think deeply on how you can make YOUR place in the World a positive place. and let the idiots be idiots. You can not magically change them.

Read up on Stoicism. Let me know what you think.

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