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I'm unlucky in life all the time.

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Question - (19 December 2008) 2 Answers - (Newest, 19 December 2008)
A female Ireland age 41-50, anonymous writes:

life for is very depressing i live in town in ireland where there is nothing but houses and small few shopni gym and no nightlife and no where to go.very very few sports clubs..i hate the town i dying to leaave it but i can,t.i am 29 yaers old and i never had eny thing i can, list them out.i am so depressed life is passing me by there is nothing i can, do about it,i am not lucky at all.

i have no friends

i have never had a boyfreind

i can,t get job out of the town

i have no social life never had one

i have no car

i have never went on hoilday.

i am still living at home

guys rejected me and hate me all the time.

i have image problem i can,r stand the mirror to look at it.

guys can,t the sight of me .

i have low self estreem.i spend my life going to counselliors since i was 6 yaers old and he doesn,t help,

and ireland is recessing just make matters worse ,life is is possible i can,t emmigranted.

i am really stressed and depressed

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A male reader, Dusty Dave United Kingdom +, writes (19 December 2008):


It sounds like you are low on esteem, you must get a sheet of paper and write down your plus and minus points in the columns, address the minus points first if its weight problems, image problems or any other issue now is the time to make New Year resolutions and stick to them, a new broom sweping clean, i was stuck in a rut myself, my problems were gigantic, but i dug in and made things better, try using Feng Shui, google it and see if it would suit you, go out and buy a china figure god luk, ask your local chinese, they will get it for you, put it in your space, the bedroom i pressume, clean your bedroom from top to bottom organise it,get good colours and things you want in there, arrange them neat and tidy get rid of clutter,(car Boot sale).

You must then go to the charity shops, give them cloths bags or ornaments, you must then find a aniamal charity and give them what you can, food for cats or dogs or any other animal in the world.

You must then help people in worst strife than you, old people or poor people.

All what i am telling you will cleans you of your problems, you will forget about your problems and think of others, but in this proccess you will see things change for you, happiness will come to your face, people will respond to you differently, the clouds will lift for you, but you must remember to keep doing good things every day, men will be falling over you, they will see a new you a confident happy intelligent women who knows what she is about.

Try it and keep me posted. Dusty Dave

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A female reader, Anonny United Kingdom +, writes (19 December 2008):

Hey girl! - Ireland is a GREAT place! - I have been there many a time! - Believe me - your town and people are probably a lot better than some of the places over here!

Have you never thought of going to college? That would get you out and about a bit. Plus if you go further afield you would find men would just LOVE your Irish accent!!

So don't give up hope girl!

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